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Toolbar Publish Button Wordpress Plugin

WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button

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Why is this WordPress Toolbar Publish Button Plugin a great time saver?

Too often I needed to scroll through WordPress pages and posts back and forth in the quest for the big blue button to save my latest changes.

With this plugin, the Update button is copied to the admin bar so that it stays clickable wherever you are on the page.

It works on all types of items in the WP admin area.

The plugin does not affect any native WordPress functionality, it just redirects your click to the original button, and uses the current button text, of course, with the current language.


  • keep the scrollbar position after saving
  • choose which buttons to show (e.g. preview yes/no)
  • set background color for the save-buttons to highlight them

Great time saver!

What is Toolbar Publish Button?

Toolbar Publish Button is a small WordPress Plugin that will duplicate your Update and/or Preview buttons to always stay at the top.


Wordpress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Screenshot

WordPress Updating Made Easy

Why did I need WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button?

  • When doing a lot of WordPress editing, you start to look for productivity improvements
  • Scrolling back and forth gets you out of a flow. To the top goes easy, but back to where you were costs more time and energy

WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Tutorial Video

Watch my tutorial to see WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button in action. 

WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Screenshots

Preview Changes or Update in Toolbar Publish Button

Save Menu in Toolbar Publish Button

WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Features & Benefits List

Dictate Features & Benefits Image
  • Update and/or preview buttons always in sight

  • Keeps the scrollbar position after saving

  • Choose which buttons to show on the admin bar

  • Move buttons to the right side of the toolbar

  • Works with Advanced Custom Fields

  • Set a background color for its buttons to highlight them

  • Ease of use

  • Faster updating and editing

  • FREE

  • SAVES A LOT OF TIME when building and maintaining

Olaf's Favorite Feature

The fact that it works on all WordPress-items in the backend. So e.g. Settings, users, Editor, Menu, etc. So, you always know that you can update something in the admin bar above. Very convenient!

WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Characteristics

Type: Productivity Plugin

Pricing: Paid


WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Reviews

Wordpress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Review 1
Wordpress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Review 2

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WordPress Toolbar Plugin · Toolbar Publish Button Video Transcript


When you do a lot of WordPress editing and updating, you will know that when your pages and posts get longer, and you’re going down on the page, then you would have to go back to the top back and forth to update and edit again and again.

And over time, this gets a bit annoying and costs you a lot of time.

So, that’s why I went on a quest to search for a solution.

And as they say, normally there is an app for that in WordPress, you would say there is a plugin for that, and luckily, I found one.

My name is Olaf, I’m your Tool Finder, and today I’m going to talk to you about the Toolbar Publish Button Plugin.

So let’s see how this works.

00:40 How does Toolbar Publish Button Plugin work?

Well, you already can see this on the home screen, so it will create a clearly visible “Update” and/or “Preview Changes” button at the top of the admin bar, so wherever you are as you can see on this screen, I’m down below now, and I still can update this with one click and go on with my story.

So, I don’t have to go back and forth, so that’s in a nutshell what it does.

01:05 Why did I need this WordPress Toolbar Plugin?

And why did I need this?

Well, I got tired of scrolling because when you’re editing a lot, and you have some long pages, then you will be somewhere in the middle or somewhere at the end of the page, and you will have to update and go back to the top every time to find the blue button on the right-hand side.

And this not only costs you a lot of time, but also gets annoying because you have to track back to where you left your page, and it gets you out of your flow.

So, when you’re editing and writing, then it would be really handy to have something that you can update with one click without going from the page or the position on the page where you were.

So, this is what I was looking for.

And I found this in the Toolbar Publish Button Plugin, and it’s a very small plugin, it’s just a little bit of jQuery and what it does is, it will duplicate your “Update” and or “Preview” buttons to always stay at the top.

Well, that is a very nice thing indeed.

02:06 Features WordPress Toolbar Plugin

As for features, you have a couple of options.

You can have the “Update” button always inside, but you can also choose to have your “Preview” button inside.

And it keeps the scrollbar position after saving.

You can choose which buttons to show.

You can also move the buttons to the right side of the toolbar instead of on the left where their default is.

And it works well also with the Advanced Custom Fields.

Furthermore, you can change the background color for the buttons to highlight them, so in my case, I made them orange as you could see.

02:39 Benefits WordPress Toolbar Plugin

Well, the benefits of this are obvious.

It’s the ease of use, obviously.

You can stay in your flow, so you can update and edit much faster and actually also better because it doesn’t interrupt you all the time.

It’s free and saves you a lot of time when building and/or maintaining WordPress websites.

02:57 Toolbar Publish Button Reviews

So, what are other people saying about it?

Well, as you can see, they get a rating of 4.8, and actually, the two 1-star ratings are from three years and five years ago, so this is a very solid good working plugin that I recommend to everybody who is doing some WordPress websites.

03:15 Toolbar Publish Button Tutorial · WordPress Toolbar Plugin

But obviously, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so let’s go to my website and I will show you how this works.

So, here we are on one of the pages on my website, and as you can see at the top, this is the “Update” button that is always inside and if you want, you can also choose to have the “Preview” button there but for now, let’s see.

If I scroll down, and normally, you would have the “Update” button over here to the right, okay.

When I scroll down the “Update” button is gone, and I can’t update, so I would have to go back, update, and go back to somewhere here where I was working.

But now I have this update option, so I can update this at all times without being interrupted.

And it not only works for pages and posts, but for example, also for your profile, or for clients, so you can use it for everything that has an “Update” button.

04:12 Toolbar Publish Button Options

As far as the options go, you can see we have a couple of options – the Scrollbar Position, which means it will remember where the scrollbar was, the “Save Draft” button, so you can duplicate your saved draft button to the admin bar as well if you’re working on drafts.

And you can have the “Preview” button also added to the admin bar, we’ll check this now to see how that works.

Or you could choose to have your buttons to the right of your admin bar.

My button background as for now, it’s this orange color, but you can change this into any color and if I would change this, and I would go back to my edit page, then here you would see that this would be changing and as such it would move to the right, and it would also have the “Preview” changes button over here, so now I have these two and if I want, I can click those wherever I am on the page as you can see, it will remember where I was.

So, this is in a nutshell what this does.

My favorite settings would be that I unchecked this, so I only would have the “Update” button at the right-hand side at the top, so it’s always clear where I should update my changes.

So, I hope you like this, and I’ll see you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏
Olaf the ToolFinderr

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