ClickFunnels Tutorial · Sales Funnel Builder

Sales Funnel Tutorial

ClickFunnels Tutorial · Sales Funnel Builder

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If you want to make money online 💰 ClickFunnels is the tool for you!

Granted, ClickFunnels is not the cheapest piece of software in the world, ranging from 97 to 297 dollars per month. But boy, is it worth it! It will make you loads of money and save a lot of time in the process.

I have used several tools to build marketing and sales funnels over the years. And I keep using ClickFunnels as the one and only. Why?

It’s because of the ease-of-use, the beautiful landing pages, and last but not least the amazing conversion rates.

ClickFunnels: THE Secret To Making Money Online

Why did I need ClickFunnels?

In short: I was slowly but steadily going bankrupt!

In need of a new vehicle, because the old ones were too slow:

  • Comparison websites
  • Blogs
  • Facebook marketing
  • Affiliate marketing in general

Then I read the Dotcom Secrets book and after that Expert Secrets and… 

it finally made sense how to make money online 😲

What can you use ClickFunnels for?

ClickFunnels should be used for selling online products that you don’t need a shop for.

1 to max. 3 products, e-books, videos, or memberships work fine!

If you want a passive income, then ClickFunnels is your tool.

But not just that…

Lead generation with ClickFunnels

You can also use ClickFunnels for every business type to generate leads, for example:

  • Real estate agents
  • Gym owners
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors

ClickFunnels Tutorial Video Part 1

Watch both my tutorials to see ClickFunnels in action. 

ClickFunnels Tutorial Video Part 2

Screenshots ClickFunnels · Sales Funnel Builder

My ClickFunnels Dashboard: Funnel Steps, Sales Page and Split Test options.

These are the fundamentals of a Sales Funnel. People in = Money out! 

ClickFunnels Features & Benefits

Dictate Features & Benefits Image
  • Very user-friendly, easy to customize and copy-paste

  • Professionally designed “done for you” templates

  • Build sales funnels fast, incl. order bumps and one time offers

  • Huge time saver because of

    ⭐ Pre-built templates
    ⭐ Reusable funnels, funnel steps, sections, rows etc.
    ⭐ Step-by-step guide
    ⭐ Checks and balances to make sure you have everything

  • Email integration (autoresponder)

  • Built in split testing, A/B testing

  • Membership sites

  • Automated webinars

  • Analytics to review funnel performance

Olaf's Favorite Feature

The AutoWebinar!
Practice your webinar, record it and let it run for years.

Passive income 2.0!

Olaf's Expert Tip: How To Start Making Money Online With ClickFunnels

Start learning about the methods and systems first:

1) ALWAYS begin with this book!

2) Then start this challenge

That way you:

• Know why this will be making you money

• Will get your first funnel up

• Start making money online!

ClickFunnels Tutorial Characteristics

Type: Sales Funnel Software

Pricing: Paid


ClickFunnels Reviews · ClickFunnels Tutorial

clickfunnels tutorial
clickfunnels tutorial
clickfunnels tutorial
clickfunnels tutorial

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ClickFunnels Tutorial Part 1 Video Transcript · ClickFunnels Tutorial

If you are into making money online and want to get rid of your nine to five job, fire your boss, and be your own boss….

Then it’s necessary first to have an income that would support yourself and your family. 

I have been trying to do this for several years now. And especially in the beginning, it is very hard. 

If people tell you that they have a quick-fix-scheme to get rich in a couple of months, there must be something wrong with that method. 

Because this can never last for long. Either it would be in drop-shipping with some shady practices or other stuff that might be on the boundary of being legal or ethical. 

Or it will be just a one-off opportunity. And maybe not even work at all. 

Well, I’ve been there, I’ve done that, and I’m not doing it again. I’ve tried a lot of stuff and I will explain to you in a couple of seconds. But what I want you to know now is what you can see here…

One example of somebody who earned over one hundred thousand dollars using ClickFunnels. 

And there are many Success Stories online, just follow this link, and you will see for yourself. 

My name is Olaf I’m your ToolFinderr and today I’m going to give you a big introduction to ClickFunnels, the sales funnel page builder by Russell Brunson.

I hope you will enjoy this!

It will be a very long video today and the tutorial will even be longer because I’m going to do a live ClickFunnels demonstration. 

You will see how ClickFunnels can help you earn money online as well. I would say finally! 

02:05 About this ClickFunnels Tutorial

Well, just to avoid some mistakes or disappointments this video is not a comprehensive technical ClickFunnels training. 

It will not guide you through all the options in ClickFunnels or how to set up all your funnels and integrate them with a stripe or other payment methods.

Nor will I show you how to track your cookies and stuff. This will not be that training. 

It WILL show you however what sales funnels are and what ClickFunnels looks like, how it works and how it can help you earn a lot of money in the process.

And the focus in this video will be on productivity and making money online. I presume you already know a little about business, preferably online business and also, about websites and e-commerce and selling online. Or even buying online because then you would have some knowledge as well.

If you are blank and technically not into websites or any stuff like that, it probably will be somewhat out of your league. But it’s just to be on the safe side, so that you know what to expect.

03:28 Why did I need ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Why did I need it?

Well, I didn’t know I needed ClickFunnels, but why did I need a new vehicle to earn money online?

I tried a lot of stuff. I mentioned before that I have still had a couple of sneakers comparison websites, I have a blog, I do Facebook marketing, I do affiliate marketing in general. 

These made me some money but not enough to support myself or my family.

As the first bullet I was stating that I was slowly but steadily going bankrupt. And it’s not a very nice feeling. If you put 80 hours a week in, and you see things are developing not in a way that you could fire your boss nor say goodbye to your steady job.

And while doing affiliate marketing at that time for three-four years I guess, I stumbled upon this Russell Brunson guy. A bit frantic, a bit nervous he seemed to me but with A LOT of energy, which is nice. And he was the guy when it comes to making money online, at least it seemed.

I started to read his books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets

At that moment it finally made sense to me!

Because I was trying for years to get something to work, to earn money, to be able to earn more money back from ads than I was putting into it. 

And as you can see, I didn’t succeed without ClickFunnels. I just needed something else, so I started my own ClickFunnels challenge here in the Netherlands and I did a product in the hair fiber industry. 

A brilliant product if you have male pattern baldness or female baldness, to mask and camouflage your bald spots. 

This product I used to do this 100-day challenge with ClickFunnels. At the beginning just for fun, to show to people and me that is possible to do this with a sales funnel. And at that time, I didn’t know very well what sales funnels were.

Or if ClickFunnels was a Ponzi scheme or something like that. I just needed to verify for myself. If this tool, or this sales funnel method could make money in general.

This was the start of this adventure.

06:23 Why Sales Funnels (1) · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Let’s go back one step and ask ourselves the question: 

Why do we need sales funnels? 

Well, we want to make money online, and we want to make a lot of it. But why sales funnels we already have: 

  • Websites
  • Blogs
  • All kinds of stuff online 

And why can’t we just use those? 

To illustrate this you see this graphic in which we see the average human attention span in 2000. And then the same in 2020: the attention span of a goldfish. 

As you can see in 2000, the average human attention span was 12 seconds, nowadays it’s only 8 seconds. 

And the average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. So, that is even longer than the average human being today. This is relevant because you don’t have a lot of time to capture someone’s attention. 

And not only to capture it but also to hold it and to keep that person engaged into what you are going to tell them or sell them. Keep in mind these eight seconds are very crucial as to why this sales funnel method is working so well!

07:47 Why Sales Funnels (2) · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Why sales funnels?

It is the new opportunity and, in the terms and words of Russell Brunson, it is how all selling online will be done in the future. 

Well, I think that is a pretty bold statement because you still would have normal web shops like the Nike web shop, or fashion web shops. That could use some funnels at the front-end, though.

The front-end meaning the beginning obviously will stay. But if you are talking about some special products, or products that will be an array of maybe one to five products or just one product, then actually the sales funnel methodology works much better than the traditional website. And I will show you why. 

Let’s have a look at the traditional website first.

What we see here is we have people, otherwise referred to as traffic. And those people come from: 

  • Facebook 
  • YouTube 
  • Google 
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 

But also paid traffic. So, you might pay for ads to get people onto your website. This is our website over here as you can see. And what you do is you pay for all these social media companies to guide and drive traffic to your website. 

But once they are on your website what happens is, they get lost. They get lost because there’s too much information going on:

  • Logo 
  • Banners 
  • Content 
  • News 

There’s a ton of links and hyperlinks on it to click on. And so, they’re gone in a few seconds because they have this attention span of a goldfish. Even less than a goldfish. 

You hit the so-called brick wall. And more importantly, you end up with empty pockets. This would be the traditional website. 

I saw this with my blogs as well. You drive some people to your blog they read it halfway through they see something else, or they get a message, or they see a hyperlink and gone. 

If you take a look at the sales funnel, though. You see the same:

  • People
  • Social media
  • Traffic

They are going into your funnel, quite literally a funnel. So, first you would have this level: lead capture. 

You will have like for example five people in that area, and they become prospects and your prospects could become customers and your customers could become lifetime clients!

What you do with the sales funnel is you guide them through this funnel. And you keep giving them value. 

First of all, you capture them as a lead. For example, you capture the email address and their name. And then you start building a relationship with them.

You start offering for example productivity tools to them. Very gradually you are guiding them and driving them through your funnel. 

In the end, you are not ending up empty-handed. But you end up with a pile of cash. 

Another example let’s take a look at this so another one of website versus ClickFunnels. If you go to a website you have this image for example. So, you have:

  • About 
  • Login 
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Contact

And people get lost. 

Now ClickFunnels. You would have the first page and on that first page, you can do nothing else but go on and scroll down on the page and see what else is on the page.

If you are clicking through for example to order, you maybe explain something more about the product. You can choose three different packages. 

It still would be in the same funnel and there are no distractions, no other hyperlinks, or whatsoever.

And the third page in this funnel would be the order form. So, in this case, you would see that instead of having one person buying something from you, you could have five people buying from you, with the same effort and money spent on ads. 

Five times as many people buying your stuff with the same amount of ad spend!

12:57 What is a Sales Funnel – ClickFunnels Tutorial Landscape Overview

How does this work in general? 

Maybe this is a bit overwhelming and confusing right now. And I can understand this, so that’s why I’m going to elaborate on this and explain to you exactly all the different pieces of this puzzle. 

But what we see here is the entire sales funnel landscape so to speak, including email marketing and including a recurring program. 

Traffic · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Recurring meaning that you can get monthly income. Let’s guide you through this image. First at the left and below of the image you can see the traffic coming in. 

There are three types of traffic:

  • Traffic you control
  • The traffic you don’t control 
  • Traffic you own 

And traffic you control would be for example buying ads on:

  • Facebook 
  • Google  
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube 
  • LinkedIn

Those you can control as in: you can pay for them to go to a certain page in your sales funnel. The traffic you don’t control would be web traffic or SEO (Search Engine Optimization) traffic that you guide through your blogs, your videos, organically in any way, or your social media channels. 

If they’re coming to your sales funnel or if they’re going to your web page. Nobody knows you don’t control it.  

You can advertise, or you can write something, but you don’t you’re not sure if they’re going to show up. 

But the most important part of traffic would be traffic that you own, which would mean people that are on your email list.

The only option and the only objective rather for you should be to convert traffic that you control or traffic that you don’t control into traffic that you own. 

Because of the moment that you own your traffic, you:

  • Can start sending them emails 
  • Will start building rapport
  • Can do email marketing campaigns

In short: offer them value and ascend them on the Value Ladder. We will come to that in a moment. 

The red part of this landscape is the traffic part. And the only objective you should keep in mind is: 

Convert traffic sources that you don’t control, or you control into traffic that you own.

And I will explain to you in a couple of minutes why this is so crucial. 

15:46 Sales Funnels Explained · ClickFunnels Tutorial

The second part of this landscape would be the sales funnel itself. And mostly they consist of a couple of things. 

An opt-in page where you can ask people for their email, and then they just submit their email address to you.

Another way to get them into your sales funnel and your offers would be a web page opt-in when you have a blog, or you have some website. A big part of this website would be here: half of the page would be opt-in. 

You just ask people who are interested in productivity tools in my case. Leave your email address behind, and I will send you a free giveaway e-book. Or whatever it is you are going to send them.

Once they are going through these two options, they end up in your sales funnel, and you can start offering them stuff. 

The first one is through an opt-in page the other one is through a web page opt-in. These are all part of your so-called sales funnel.

Then on to the blue stuff. If they are in your sales funnel you will try to get them to ascend on your Value Ladder. This means you start by giving them some value, maybe for free or free plus shipping.

Then you ascend them to give them more value every time they buy from you. For example, you could start for free here, and you could end up with 25,000 dollars over there. And I will show you in a minute how this works.

And the other very important thing is that you should start with a continuity program. Or at least some kind of recurring program. You should think of your business in terms of: what could I offer my clients that they would be happy to pay me monthly? 

For example, my hair fibers funnel is already a recurring product. Because it’s something they use every couple of days. And this product maybe lasts for 2-3 months in general. Every 2 -3 months they have to rebuy their same product. That is a recurring program!

Even better would be if you have some kind of software with a monthly subscription. If you are thinking about what it is you are going to offer them or are already offering to people via your website. 

Now try to think of this as a Value Ladder or continuity program. You should think of both at the same time:

  • How can you get people to ascend your Value Ladder? 
  • And how can you offer them something that they would happily be paying monthly for? 

That is the blue area. 

19:06 Email Marketing · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Then the yellow area is email marketing. And this is an integral part it’s a united image so to speak. Because email marketing is an integral part of the whole success.

That is, if you would do all the stuff that I’m telling you right now as I’ve told you in the previous slides, but you wouldn’t do the email marketing, you still wouldn’t make money. 

You need to build a relationship with your clients or potential clients. By sending them emails. 

Either via soap-series, which I’m going to explain later, or via Seinfeld-series, which I’m also going to explain in a few minutes. And you do this email marketing obviously with your email list. Once you have converted the traffic that you control and the traffic that you don’t control, into traffic that you own. 

You have these people on your email list, so you can start sending them emails giving them value. This is a crucial part. Maybe one of the most crucial parts in this whole image as well. Which is quite literally some kind of soap episode that you’re going to send them every day.

At the beginning to warm them up. And secondly, you can send them Seinfeld emails. Which practically are emails about nothing, I will come to that in a moment. 

This is the landscape once again:

  • Traffic that you don’t control
  • And the traffic that you control

You got them into your opt-in page or your web page with the opt-in, and you can send them to your offers. Then you send them to your Value Ladder over here, or over there, or you get them to buy something recurring from you Software products, or whatever, but preferably with a subscription.

And once they are on your list, you will start sending them emails. Day one, Two, Three, Four and Five.

This might be well after you have reached the end of the soap series, you start sending them the Seinfeld emails. Not every day, maybe a couple of times a week. Maybe even a month. Depending on your clientele and the segment and the business you’re in.

But not as often that you will scare them away So, be careful. Again, this is the whole picture. This is the image and if you see the red stuff it’s about. The email list and more generally the traffic.

The green ones are about your funnel and getting people onto your funnel. The blue is the Value Ladder and the continuity program. And yellow is your email marketing machine. 

In general, this is the sales funnel landscape in a nutshell. 

I hope this makes sense.

22:36 Introducing: The Value Ladder · ClickFunnels Tutorial

To get back to the Value Ladder. This is one of the most important things to think of before you start your whole process. 

And as said the Value Ladder is a ladder that you should ascend people on. So, people won’t buy your $25,000 program, if they don’t know who you are.

You could go outside to a big square, stand on the soapbox and start to speak: Hi My name is Olaf, and I’m going to give you a lot of training and coaching with Sales Funnels, and you pay me only USD 25,000. Nobody will buy it right then and there, obviously.

But if you crafted a good relationship with them:

  • Good bait
  • Value with your front-end
  • A lot of value with your middle-end
  • Even more value with your back-end offers…. 

which might cost thousands of dollars in itself, to begin with….

THEN they will believe you, if you say you can help them by giving you $25,000 or more. 

It’s a whole process of building trust. Building confidence by building a relationship. 

People liking you and giving you money along the way.

By giving them more value on this axis, you can charge them more money on this axis. This is how the whole principle works. 

You’ve seen it before, I know you have. Many websites are offering you something free. You just drop your email address, and they give you an e-book, or I don’t know what they are going to give you. 

And once you do this, you start getting emails from them, right? Depending on the value that they give, you might be interested or not. You might be on the list for long or not.

As a sales funnel and email marketing expert, you start building rapport with your customers. You do this by email which we will come too soon. 

But if you don’t have a Value Ladder in place, you will never succeed!

Because it’s important to have something for every step on the way, and we’ll see what Russell Brunson has to say about the Value Ladder.

24:59 Russell Brunson about the Value Ladder · ClickFunnels Tutorial

“All right so today I want to talk to you guys about a concept I call the Value Ladder. And something that’s important to any business and most people don’t think about it. 

About two years ago, I had a chance I was out in Fiji and I spoke at Tony Robbins business mastery Event with a whole bunch of offline business owners from around the world. 

And it was interesting I spent most of my time talking about Value Ladder stuff. Because something they hadn’t thought about and something that if you implement your business you see huge results. 

So, this is kind of what the Value Ladder is it looks like this.

What happens is ideally, this is your business and this is the thing you want to sell people. Okay, so for example let’s have a $25,000 thing that I want to sell okay?

And that’s like my end goal, but the problem is if I walk up to someone off the street and say: I’m Russell Brunson and for $25k I will help you to build your business! 

They look at me like: who are you? $25,000?!?! And they kind of blow me off quick.

Okay so, this is what I want to sell, but it’s hard to sell that because people have not received value from me at that point. They don’t understand the value of what I’m offering them. 

So, what I do is take someone up my Value Ladder. The bottom of this Value Ladder is I’m going to create something like a free report or free CD or something like that. 

Okay, now if they get that product, and they listen to it, and they go through it, they receive value. 

Guess what they’re going to want: they want more of that! 

So, then from there, I can upgrade them up the Value Ladder now I can charge them let’s say 97 for an e-book about the topic.

Okay, if they get that, and they receive value, they’re going to want more, so they’re going to ascend to the next level. 

And now they pay 297 dollars for a home study course. 

When they see value at that point, they’re going to come back up and say: now I want to pay you the $5,000 for coaching and so on.

Okay, now someone’s come to this Value Ladder they got this, and they received value, and they got this, and they received value. 

Every step along the way by the time they get here they’d be excited. And then it’s now very easy to sell someone twenty-five thousand dollars package.

Okay so, we’re always talking about how to create a Value Ladder, so we can take someone through. If you look at any of my sales processes online, you’ll see that they come with some kind of:

  • Free CD
  • Video
  • Report 
  • Free something

They purchase that, then I try to sell them something at a lower price point. Okay, they’re going to buy that now. 

Obviously, there will be fewer people who get this, but still, a portion will get that. Then I offer an upsell of this, and then an upsell on this, and maybe then call them on the phone and sell them this.

27:06 Value Ladder versus Sales Funnel · ClickFunnels Tutorial

And if you look at it like a funnel-like, this is how it’s going to happen:

Up here is going to be your free thing. And down here is going to be your 97 things, your 297 dollars and so on. 

Down it’s fewer people keep coming down. But there’s going to be people that take it every step along the way. 

What’s interesting if you look at the airline industries or anything else, is there’s always going to be a group of your people who always wants to buy the premium thing no matter what it is.

If you look at the airplane, the front third of every airplane ticket cost two to three times as much money cause the seats are a little bigger. 

There’s always you know 30 percent of the plane. 30 percent of people want a higher upgraded option. So, if you offer that type of thing people are going to take it. 

27:44 ClickFunnels types of Businesses: e.g. Dentist and Chiropractor · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Okay, so really quick I want to run this through two other businesses that you’re probably familiar with. 

The first one is the dental industry, okay? For all you offline business owners. 

So, a couple of years ago my wife and I got a postcard in the mail for free teeth whitening. We were so excited we came in and went and got my free teeth cleaning.

I’m getting there the dentist is cleaning my teeth and doing a bunch of stuff and after a few minutes he looks and said: Hey so Russell are you a smoker? 

I said why do you think I’m smoking? He said well, your teeth are kind of yellow. You know I just figured you’re a smoker or something. 

I’m not a smoker I said…

Well, if you want for three thousand dollars, we can build you these whitening trays we’ll put them in your mouth and make your teeth white. I was like, please do that!

So boom! 

Took me up the Value Ladder and got me 3k for teeth whitening. 

And a few minutes later just working my teeth again, also he’s like: hey did you used to wear braces? I’m like yeah, he’s like oh yeah, I could tell… all your teeth are starting to crowd back again.

I’m like are you serious they’re crowding back. Yeah, they’re crowding back, we need to fix those, and  I’m like crap what do I do? 

He’s like well we can build these retainers for your mouth they’ll get your teeth back straight. 

You know it’s going to be an extra $5,000, and we will build a retainer for you. 

And after I left the teeth cleaning place and the next thing he said was: hey in six months now come back and let’s clean your teeth again.

So, I signed up for a continuity program. 

But boom you saw that?

I came in for free teeth cleaning and I left paying like seven or eight thousand dollars for all these other things. For all the value he gave to me. 

Was I upset? No, because I received value at this point, and this point. All things that I wanted. 

The sad part of the story is: my wife went in the next day for her free teeth cleaning, and she came back with another $8,000. Okay, now one last thing kind of for your business. 

I’m going to show it just because my chiropractic friend is in the audience right back here, and you’re going to meet here in a second. For some businesses, it’s harder to look at your Value Ladders. 

You got to kind of think about it for a few minutes. For example, if you’re a chiropractor… Chiropractors live and die-off of what? For the chiropractors out there, they live off 40-dollar-adjustments, right? 

This is kind of where they charge 40 bucks. 40 dollars adjustments okay? That’s what they kind of life and die off. Now the problem with this is that this is where their entire business is at. 

Now a while ago, you guys know that we have a wrestling team that works out with us all the time. One of my buddies they have had a chiropractor come in that would adjust them all the time. 

And one day she couldn’t come in and so, my buddy jumped online and went to YouTube and watched a couple of YouTube videos about how to do adjustments.

And he went and adjusted everyone on the team. So, it took about 10 minutes of learning to be able to do an adjustment. I went back to my buddy, you’re going to hear from him in a minute. 

I was like: how does that make you feel? Went to school for how many years you go to school for? For eight years and someone watched a YouTube video for like 10 minutes to kind of figure out what you do in your business.

And he came back kind of defense like well, we do a bunch of other stuff. I learned this in school and there’s all these other things we’ve learned. All these other things we can do. 

I said well you offer this to your clients right now? He’s like well not really, so we came back and started saying. Well, let’s start building out your Value Ladders. 

Some people come in for a 40-dollar-adjustment. What other things can you offer? For a thousand dollars’ worth or two thousand. All the other eight years of school that you learn, what other value can you give to these people so that you can send them up to your Value Ladder? 

Because if they receive value here, they’re going to be more interested and open to receiving value at the higher price points. 

Okay, now suddenly you got a $2,000 or $5,000 thing into the back of your business. 

Now you can compete with any other chiropractor. Because you’ve got so much more spending power there is so much more money coming in. 

Now the second part of the story is: chiropractic is not a sexy front-end offer. It’s not like kind of like you know. People want to go to masseuse because it feels really good, and it makes them feel good kind of a nice thing. 

Or they go to a doctor because they feel like they have to. 

A chiropractor’s kind of in the middle. Like it doesn’t feel good, and you don’t have to go, but you should go. It’s kind of like this hard thing to sell. 

And so, this becomes a middle of the Value Ladder thing that’s difficult to sell. So, you got to look back and say: what’s something we can get that we can create to get people in the front door and come back? 

So Chad, he’s going to be here in a minute, he went through and started creating free massages and things like that. They brought in the masseuse and this became the bottom of the Value Ladder. 

It’s very easy, if someone is in for a free massage, and you’re already providing value at that point, is for the masseuse to say hey: your spine’s out of line or this is out of line or whatever it is.

It’s very easy to create something now where someone will want to ascend to the next level and to ascend to the next level. 

So, look at your business right now and look at your Value Ladder. Do you have one? 

If not, where is your current product or service you’re creating? 

Where is it and how can you build things that are more valuable than people will pay more money for? And less valuable things that are sexier and more exciting to get people in the front door. To want to consume your products so, that is the Value Ladder.”

I hope you like that Value Ladder explanation by Russell Brunson.

31:59 Why do sales funnels work? ClickFunnels McDonald’s Analogy · ClickFunnels Tutorial

And to get back to the basic question. Why do we need sales funnels? There’s another very good explanation by Russell on this one, so I will continue just by showing you that one as well.

Did you know that it costs McDonald’s a dollar ninety-one in advertising?

Just to get you into the drive-thru. And when they sell you a burger for two dollars and nine cents. They’re only actually making just 18 cents. But when they upsell you fries and a Coke for a $1.77 more, they make and more importantly they keep a $1.32 profit. 

Yes, eight times the profit of the initial sell.

It’s pretty cool don’t you think. But what does that have to do with you? 

Well, if you’re like most people who sell stuff online, you set up a website, and you started to sell your product. But just like McDonald’s, even if people are buying it after your advertising costs, you’re probably not left with enough to even cover your hosting bills.

And that’s when you realize that if you want to make money online, you can’t sell from a flat website. 

You need to do what McDonald’s did and set up a sales funnel. 

But instead of having people go through a drive-through window, online they go through a capture page where you can gather their contact information and follow up with them through email. 

Then instead of selling them a burger, you have a sales page created to sell your initial product. And while you’re probably not going to offer your customers fries and a Coke, you could upsell them on your other products and services. 

And this is what we call a sales funnel. 

Where website visitors come at the top and cash comes out the bottom. You’ve seen it work at McDonald’s, and you’ve seen it work at Amazon. 

And you know that it’s going to work for you too. So, you decide to create your first sales funnel. But after weeks of trial and error you ask yourself: why does it have to be so hard? 

All you wanted to do was sell your stuff online. But instead, you spent weeks maybe even months paying website builders, hiring designers and programmers before you ever made your first penny online. And to us well, it seems kind of backward. 

Shouldn’t there be an easy way to create high converting sales, and marketing funnels without having to hire an entire staff? 

We thought so too. And that’s why we created ClickFunnels. A simple way to easily create sales funnels that convert.

Let me show you how it works. First, you pick which type of funnel you want to create. You can use click funnels to create a:

  • Automated webinar funnels 
  • Product launch funnel
  • Sales letter 
  • Sales video funnel

You can even use ClickFunnels to build out membership sites, or create landing pages to gather and convert leads. And honestly, we have funnels for almost any type of situation that you can dream of.

If you have a business, we have a funnel that will work for you. Now step number one is to choose the funnel type that you want from our professionally designed options. 

Just click a button and the entire funnel is built for you in less than 10 seconds. Every page, every step, everything. 

Then step number two you click through and simply edit any elements of each of the pages in your funnel. You can change headlines, add in a sign-up or subscription form. Then add your videos, pictures, and customize them to your heart’s content. 

No matter how hard you try it’s impossible to break one of our funnels. And last, just click on the publish button and your first funnel goes live and is ready to start making sales. 

And in case you were wondering… Yes, ClickFunnels already integrates with your favorite autoresponder, shopping carts, and more. 

Isn’t that awesome? Just imagine the next time you have a great idea, or you find a new product to sell!

Instead of spending days weeks or months trying to create the perfect funnel, with ClickFunnels, you’re just a few clicks away from a professionally designed website marketing funnel. 

Because at ClickFunnels, we believe that’s how it should be. 

So, what are you waiting for let’s create your first funnel now!

35:31 Objectives Sales Funnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

I think the message speaks for itself. Sales funnels are important. 

Why do we need sales funnels? 

Because just by selling one product online you can’t make any money on your ads. 

And if you cannot pay money for ads or other ways to drive traffic to your funnel in the first place, you will never be able to scale. 

So, you need something that can help you scale, and you only can scale when you can at least break even with your sales funnel. Because if you can break even with your sales funnel. It means that you can generate leads for nothing. And this is the next topic of this video. 

What are the objectives of sales funnels? · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Well, at first it would be collect email addresses

Because as you can see in the image below, the money is in the list. 

And it’s not for nothing that people are saying this over and over again. Because it has been proven that on average people on your email list, at least if you have a decent relationship with them, will earn you one dollar per person on your list per month. 

So, if you would have 5,000 people on your list. You could earn 5,000 per month. 

Just by nurturing those people on the list and selling them stuff. This is the first and foremost reason to start with your sales funnels as soon as possible!.

Collect email addresses, get people on your list, is the traffic that you own. Then you could start creating and building rapport with them, so establishing a relationship with them and letting them get to know you: 

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you telling them this?
  • Why should they listen to you?
  • What do you have them to offer in terms of value?

You can demonstrate your expertise to them. 

And if you do this well, you can sell them stuff 

Because for example, in my case with the productivity tools, if you believe that I have expertise and knowledge in this area, and prove I use those tools myself, I can send you emails about these tools.

Or make videos about these tools as I’m doing right now at this moment. And I can sell you products that I use that I know would be of value to you as well. 

So, that is the whole business:

  • Collect email addresses 
  • Create and build rapport
  • Demonstrate your expertise
  • Sell your stuff 
  • Ascend people on your Value Ladder 

You start with free products, and you end up with high-end ticket products.

38:18 Why Email Marketing Works 1 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Why email? 

Well, this is just a short description of a couple of bullet points to look at them:

  • There are 3.8 billion email users worldwide. So, there’s one there’s a market for everyone. 
  • It has on average the highest return on investment of every tool you can use. 
  • For every media out there the ROI of email is by far the best. 
  • Two thirds of customers have purchased as a direct result of an email marketing message
  • People are used to buying stuff through an email message. 
  • It’s a great way to nurture them via email. 

Because if you keep giving them

  • Value 
  • Interest insights
  • Something to look forward to

They start to get to know you, and they will trust you, and they will buy from you.

When it comes to customer acquisition, email is 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined. Keep that in mind: email is by far the best medium to talk to your customers.

And the last bullet is also, very important: because you own the channel

You can send them all kinds of stuff that you could not do with Facebook or Google. Because with all their rules and regulations and ad policies and stuff like that, it’s very difficult to earn a buck by using those. 

But once they are on your list, and they have given you consent to email them, you can send them almost everything you want. Which is a big advantage!

40:13 Why Email Marketing Works 2 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Some of these bullets are the same as before. But it’s very important to drive this point home. 

You can create personalized content. Not only personalized in a way of telling them what I want. But you can also personalize them towards your client. 

Because if you know stuff from them by pixels from Facebook or cookies or other tracking codes that you have from Google. 

You might know their interests. You might know how long they have spent on certain pages.

So, you can personalize the content towards that as well. You can use it for feedback and surveys. You can improve your sales. And you can communicate with them. And of course generate traffic to your sales funnels because in every email you can have hyperlinks to some of your offers or your sales funnels. 

Or you can send them campaigns. For example, in my hair fiber business, I can send them campaigns of certain offers that we are making. For example, a sale to get one for free or something like that.

You can also increase your number of leads by email. 

In short: email is by far the best medium

And also the cheapest one to get in contact with your customers.

41:41 Why Email Marketing Works 3 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

  • It’s low cost
  • You can reach an already engaged audience
  • It’s possible to target your messages
  • You can drive revenue
  • It’s very easy to get started with. Email marketing systems are cheap. So, you can start easily with a couple of emails to try how this works. I did it myself with ActiveCampaign. 
  • It’s very easy to measure
  • Email is easy to share
  • You can reach a global audience
  • Email will have instant impact
  • And again an unrivaled return on investment

42:24 Email Marketing 1 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Talking about email marketing and sales funnels combined…

What should you do?

You should create a funnel for example, by using a 

  • Video sales letter 
  • Using testimonials 
  • Telling them about the benefits 
  • Showing them the products 
  • Showing them what they are going to get 
  • Demonstrate how they are going to get their money’s back

And giving them trust and building rapport and stuff like that. 

You can collect their email addresses with some kind of giveaway. And if you have collected their email address you can make an email series with your autoresponder to inform them and give them value.

In those emails you can make them offers and/or you can refer them to affiliate products. 

Or you can do whatever you want at that time. And you can nurture them. Ascend them on your Value Ladder. 

So, if they have bought something from you for let’s say $47, you can ascend them to the next stage in your letter. For example, to buy your training courses. The one that you are looking at now for example.

43:35 Email Marketing 2 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

To summarize: the only objective of your sales funnel in the beginning would be converting traffic you control and traffic you don’t control into traffic that you own. 

Once you own them you can start sending them emails. And once you own the traffic you should start sending them those emails via your soap-series. And later on, your Seinfeld series.

These soap-series would be coming from your autoresponders. So, those are pre-programmed and pre-scheduled email messages. Every time somebody subscribes to your email list they will get an immediate welcome reply from your autoresponder. And every day after that for maybe five to seven days. 

You can also send them another kind of email message, these are so-called broadcast messages. Those you can send to all of your people on a certain list at the same time. 

And they just talk about something that you want to tell them. Both of them drive people towards your offers and will help them ascend on your Value Ladder on the one hand and maybe get them onto your continuity program on the other hand.

45:00 Email Marketing 3 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Talking about soap opera emails… I’m not going to go into detail because it’s a little bit beyond the scope of this video. But you can read all about this in Russell Brunson’s books Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets.

In general, it’s like a soap opera. You just start day one which sets the stage. What is happening? Why am I interested in you? Like in a movie they should dive into some crazy scene, and you get their attention immediately. 

Day two: high drama, and you tell them your backstory. Why did you hit the wall? Day three you get this epiphany. You thought to yourself okay: now I see the light, nów I know what I did wrong and there’s one thing I should do and know and the one thing I’m going to do is this.

Well, day four you explain hidden benefits of the vehicle or the solution you’re offering. And day five, for example, you add in some urgency and a call to action that they should take up your offer.

46:15 Email Marketing 4 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

The daily Seinfeld emails are emails about nothing. That’s why they’re called Seinfeld. 

Because as you maybe recall from the Seinfeld television series, the story is about nothing. Just something that happened that day. And Seinfeld or Kramer or George or Elaine they would be in some kind of situation. 

Then they would well, create a whole episode around this situation. These are all options to write your broadcast emails about. 

You could start sending them emails every once in a while to tell them what happened to you that day, and why this is relevant to them, you can just end it with a PS.

Like by the way: if you want to start with productivity secrets follow this link. And you drive them to one of your sales funnels again.

47:20 Sales Funnel Landscape · ClickFunnels Tutorial

This is the landscape as we have seen before. 

I’ve explained all these items to you and I hope it does make sense now. 

And you see quite literally the picture. So, again red would be the traffic, green would be the sales funnel and the start of your sales funnel the so-called opt-ins. 

Blue is the Value Ladder and the continuity program. And yellow is your email marketing software.

47:50 Now what? · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Now what?

For example, in my case with the productivity secrets series, I built this top 10 free productivity tools e-book and that is free. And you could also have something free plus shipping if you would have like a book a real printed copy of something. You could easily turn that into a free plus shipping. 

The book itself is free, like the Dotcom Secrets book for example. But you only pay for the shipping. 

And the big advantage of paying for shipping is that people have invested in it. Once they pay, they pay attention. If it’s possible, go for the free plus shipping option. 

The second step in my Value Ladder is the e-book with the productivity tools in it which I sell for $47 or $97 depending on the type of book you have. 

Then I could sell an online course productivity secrets for $297 for example or whatever I deem a good value for this step for your online course. 

And another one would be if you have people that have taken your online course they might still need coaching and mentoring to implement all the stuff, you’re telling them or to help them with those tools. 

Like the productivity tools that I have talked about. Then they can take coaching and mentoring from you for this amount. 

49:29 Business Types ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

And even another step, a high-end ticket. Maybe the $25,000 Russell was talking about to help a whole company go through this program. 

So, what businesses can profit from using ClickFunnels? 

Well, you better ask: what business could not profit from it?

Because actually, every business could profit from it. Whether it’s online or offline all kinds of businesses could profit from this as he showed in the value ladder example. 

Chiropractors, dentists, all kinds of local small businesses could benefit from it:

  • Agency
  • Freelancer
  • Information Products
  • E-Commerce
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Network Marketing
  • Local Small Business
  • B2B Leads
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • What not?

But also big companies, by generating leads for their business and helping them to get new customers come in the door. 

Every business will profit from ClickFunnels.

50:19 Sales Funnels ClickFunnels Example 1 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

I would like to show you a couple of examples. One of the core funnels that we are talking about is the tripwire funnel. And it consists of a couple of steps. I’m going to show them to you. 

You start with the free plus shipping option. So, this is the opt-in page the so-called squeeze page or  capture page. All kinds of names for it. You can say all right: this is a free e-book that I created. And if you want it, you just have to pay for the shipping. If you can, I would go for that option. 

It would send you to a so-called capture page, and you would enter your credit card information and your address information and stuff like that. 

At the moment you buy it, a so-called order bump pops up. With one click you could then, for example, buy the audiobook version.

Instead of just the free-plus-shipping copy version that you get into the mail, you could buy it then for $37. Something like that the audiobooks and presentations as well. And once you are out of that you will be sent to the so-called One Time Offer in this case. One-time offer number one.

If you choose to do this it will take you to One Time Offer number two. And in the case of Russell Brunson, this could be an e-book for $47 and this could be a training series for $297 for example. 

If you also buy OTO number two, it will thank you and say okay thanks for your great decision! And it will take you to an offer wall with some other options that you could buy for the hyperactive buyers who are still not satisfied. 

On the other hand, when you say no to your One Time Offer number one. It will take you to a One Time Offer number one down sale in this case. It assumes that if you don’t want it, you might have problems financing it. 

So, it will give you some payment plan that you could pay in three terms instead of in one go. If you don’t want this, it will still send you to the offer wall. So, this is an example of a sales funnel.

52:51 Sales Funnels ClickFunnels Example 2 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

What is your main goal with a sales funnel?

Well, the biggest breakthrough you can have is if you can scale it. 

This means that if you could have a sales funnel that would break even or better, you can infinitely scale it. Because you have the traffic that you control. And for the traffic that you don’t control, you put some money in.

You have your funnel so this is the opt-in and here you have your sales pages. Then you have your One Time Offers and all the bumps and stuff that I just explained. And you get the people that you own on your list. 

But if you have a profit that you make from this funnel in the first place, let’s say you put ten dollars in, and you get 15 out…

This would mean you get a five-dollar profit per person to start with. Plus, you have those people on your email list!

Then you can start sending them other offers, and you can offer them high ticket offers. Plus you can ascend them on your Value Ladder. 

So, if you can achieve a profitable front-end funnel, you will be a millionaire shortly. 

Russell Brunson himself is a great example with ClickFunnels for this. Because the way they grew their company without any venture capital was just by doing this. They made money from their funnel selling their free books.

They offered a free book advertised on Google and Facebook: this Dotcom Secrets book for example you could get it for free-plus-shipping (F+S). 

Once you bought it, they had a loss. But once they sold you something with the order bump or the One Time Offers… in the end, they made like I believe it was $37 something on this funnel, to begin with.

They started putting more and more and more money in. And at the same time they were growing their email list. Until at the time I think it’s like three million people are on the list. 

And if you remember that one person on the list stands for one dollar per month you can imagine how much money this ClickFunnels company is worth at the moment. So, this is how that works.

55:10 Sales Funnels ClickFunnels Example 3 · ClickFunnels Tutorial

This is one of my sales funnels in the hair fiber business. It’s a short example.

So, this would be the landing page

Then you can select your color here. 

And this is the sales page with different packages, one, two and three. Plus some benefits from the products. 

Then you will be transferred to the order page with the trust badges and testimonials. 

Then we would have an upsell page to sell you the fixing spray and other stuff. 

And once you are done, you will go to the thank-you page

So, I have experience in building one of those funnels as well. And I can tell you it’s a very interesting process. Especially when you see that it’s working obviously.

56:05 Sales Funnels ClickFunnels Example 4 · ClickFunnels Example Funnels

I have a couple of other funnels I would like to take you through. So, you can see what I mean by no distraction only one page. 

Just getting into the zone with one of those. And I’ll have to go to another screen. So, this is the first an example of the landing page. No distraction, no menu as you can see. 

It will just guide you through what they are going to sell you. So, for now, I’m just scrolling through it. And this is about retargeting ads on Facebook. We see some testimonials and quotes.

You cannot go anywhere but down on this as you can see. Here’s some proof, then some visuals. It’s not just another course: it’s proven and here you get some testimonials again. 

How much does it cost? 

Then all these bonuses, which you will see in every sales funnel as well: a lot of bonuses. Bonus number two, bonus number three, bonus number four. 

Trust badgers and 30 days guarantee money-back guarantees. And here you will see what you are going to get. 

You’re not paying this amount. Much less, but only if you are going to buy this today. And the thing is if you would click on this, it would take you to the order bumps and One Time Offers. 

Because obviously, $47 for just this course is very cheap. You will get a lot of stuff and a lot of value from it. 

The objective of Wilco, the owner of the retargeting machine, however, is not to make money from this. 

The objective is twofold:

  • One: getting you on his email list
  • Two: he will be selling you on the One Time Offers

that he is going to offer you after this step. 

58:32 Example ClickFunnels Sales Funnel · Russell Brunson · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Another example sales funnel one would be of Russell Brunson himself. 

This is the Dotcom Secrets landing page. And here is the video sales letter. When you go down you can opt in. 

This is the subscription button so, if you do this, then you only pay $10 for shipping and handling. 

So, this is a free-plus-shipping tripwire funnel that I talked to you about earlier. And here is some social proof from huge corporations. 

If I take you down you will see the same as on the other landing page. No:

  • Distractions 
  • Menu 
  • Other stuff

Just a new secret funnel strategy that will pique your interest. And if we go down you can see the same let’s say structure and architecture that we saw on the other one. 

Here is some more proof, and then we go down. Russell Brunson again with his book. Russell Brunson with many millionaires. 

The businesses that you could use it for. And again, he urges you to send your email address to him. Reserve your free copy now. And obviously, this free copy will cost him money because they have to print it and to ship it to you. These 10 bucks will not cover all the expenses. It will just be a little lost for them.

But it’s that’s not the point. The point is again getting your email address and getting you on their Value Ladder. They will give you an order bump. They will maybe I can even show it to you. Yes, okay I have to go where is it there. So, if I would do this here you have two order bombs already.

So, one audiobook and access to Dotcom Secrets live. Which is some kind of live demonstration presentation webinar. Here is the first step in the tripwire funnel. You started by offering your information. But now it will offer you order bumps and if you would go for those order bombs, it would offer you One Time Offers as well. 

And even One Time Offer number two. So, this is the whole system behind it. 

All of the secrets that you will learn, and obviously, there will be some bonuses once you get to the One Time Offers. Here you have it: get these free bonuses, total value. It’s the same system as you saw in the other one. And here is the order stack as they call it.

What you get you to get this insane value actually for free. It’s too good to be true, and you will leave your email address immediately, won’t you?

So, this is how those funnels work.

1:02:14 Benefits of ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Let’s go back to ClickFunnels and the tool because that was why we were here in the first place. It is a fantastic tool for making money online. 

And why is this? What are the benefits of this compared to other landing page software tools that I’ve used? And there are a lot of those around? 

Well, the first one is it’s very user-friendly. It’s easy to customize and copy-paste. So, you can quickly start building your sales funnels. Obviously, like any tool, it needs a little bit of a learning curve. And you need to invest a little of your time to know where the buttons are and how it works. 

But they also have an excellent equipped and well-equipped support website with a lot of extra explanatory videos in it and well… everybody can do it. 

To help you even further they’ve professionally designed done-for-you templates. As a way to build your sales funnels fast including order bumps and One Time Offers as I just explained.

It is a huge timesaver in terms of productivity as well. Because you have these pre-built templates, so you can reuse: 

  • Your funnels 
  • Funnel steps 
  • Sections and rows

Once you have built a funnel that you’re happy with, you can save a lot of stuff to be reused in other sales funnels that you are going to build in the future. 

They offer you a step-by-step guide to take you through all the steps you need to get your funnel live. And all kinds of checks and balances to make sure you set up everything correctly like integration with your payment provider and things like that. 

ClickFunnels offers an integration with your email autoresponder

They have built-in split testing also called A/B testing. It is very powerful to see the difference in results if you have two different versions of your opt-in page for example. Then you can easily see within ClickFunnels which one is performing better than the other. 

You can make membership sites with it and automated webinars as well. 

And there is a great analytics area in ClickFunnels to review your final performance.

1:04:36 ClickFunnels Reviews · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Without further ado let’s go to the proof of why ClickFunnels is so good. 

If you take a look at these review sites, you can see that they all give ClickFunnels around 4.6 or 4.7 out of 5 stars. Trustpilot for example, Capterra and G2 smart business trends. 

That is because it is a really powerful tool to help you build your sales and landing pages that used to take you maybe days or weeks. Now you can do this in a couple of hours. 

Well, you first have to learn how to build them! But once you have this well tackled and handled, then you can do this quickly.

But as usual, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. So, let me take you to the ClickFunnels tool itself.

ClickFunnels Tutorial Part 2 Video Transcript · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Hi guys, 

This is my ClickFunnels tutorial sales funnel as you can see from the hair fibers I was talking about earlier.

And I’m just going to show this to you so you can see what a typical sales funnel page would look like. 

Example Sales Funnel ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

If I scroll down a little you will see the benefits of it. This is all in Dutch, so probably you don’t understand what it says here. But it doesn’t matter: these are the benefits of this product. Then we get some proof before and after as you can see. 

And a lot of testimonials and as I told you before there are no distractions, no menus, no hyperlinks.

You see some trust in the meantime and some explanation about the product, the frequently asked questions etc. The only thing you can do is just scroll down and go to your color. 

Here it says pick your color, and if you do you will go into the next stage of this sales funnel where you can pick your color as we can see over here. 

This is the second step in the funnel. When you go to the color you will go to this sales page in which you can choose your options. 

If you go to order now you will end up at the payment page where you can order the product and pay for the items that you want. This is just to show you an example of one of my ClickFunnels tutorial sales funnels.

And as you can see if I go to the first page again, you will see the badge made with ClickFunnels. If somebody clicks on it, and they would become a ClickFunnels client, this will give you a great affiliate income at the same time, which is always nice, of course.  

02:19 ClickFunnels Sales Funnel Builder · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Let’s go to ClickFunnels itself. 

First of all, I want you to have a look at this ClickFunnels tutorial sales funnel that I made for my hair fiber business as you can see. And this is all in Dutch, so probably you don’t understand a word of what is on this page but that doesn’t matter.

What is important is that you can see this sales page is like I just showed you in the PowerPoint. Without distractions, without menu, without anything you can go to except down. 

In this case, you get a lot of information about the benefits of the product. The proof before and after if you have bald spots as a guy or a girl. And many testimonials from: 

  • Facebook
  • Email 
  • Live chat
  • SMS 

But the only way you can go is either down or to the color of your choice. You see some trust badges to accompany the claims that we made and here you can see the way how this works.

Frequently asked questions, but again all you can do is go down or go to your color. And if you go to your color you can choose the one that suits you the best. 

For example, this one, and then you end up with a choice of three different plans.

When you click on one of those “BESTEL NU” which means order now then you go to the payment page where you can complete your order. 

And as you can see in the beginning this has all been made with ClickFunnels as you can see.

If somebody saw this and would like the way this page has been built and clicks on the badge you get your affiliate commission of %20 recurring in this case. 

Which could add up and is of course a nice bonus!

Let’s go to the ClickFunnels tutorial!

04:34 Building a Sales Funnel with ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial Dashboard

If you go to the dashboard you will see many things.

I’m not going to go into detail about all this right now because as I said, I wanted to focus on:

  • Productivity
  • The done-for-you templates with which you can build a funnel fast
  • How you can reuse items
  • The way they look on desktop and mobile
  • Easy split testing

For now, we’re just going to build a funnel. 

And if you’re going to build a funnel you have two options. You can have the old option, the classic funnel builder as you see right here. Or you can use the cookbook and have some pre-made funnels for you. 

I’m going to go for the cookbook, and you can just choose the industry that you’re in or the type of funnel that you will use. 

In this case, I’m going to sell a product, so I click on that and then just go to these funnels. So, I will show you the two-step tripwire funnel that I talked to you about in the PowerPoint before. 

I choose the two-step tripwire funnel and I get some explanation by Russell if I want, I see how many pages are in this funnel, that is four and how much time it would take to build it. One hour well it’s a bit on the short side, to be honest. 

You see that the pages that are in this funnel and if I go to the funnel map you can see this schematically. There is this sales page that you’re getting a one-time offer page, a downsell page and an offer wall page. 

Altogether four pages. Once you grab their email addresses, you should start your automation and your follow-up funnels, your email sequence as I talked to you before in the PowerPoint as well,  

With regards to the soap and the Seinfeld series, I already used one of these two-steps tripwire funnels to be exact. The breeze is called, and I will show you over here if you go down to the number of templates that are given. 

You can choose either paid ones or free ones I just selected all for now. And I chose the breeze two-step tripwire funnel to import this into ClickFunnels. I already did this to save us a little bit of time. And here you can see the four steps that are in the funnel right now. 

07:16 ClickFunnels Overview · ClickFunnels Tutorial

First of all, I want to give you a little bit of an overview of what we are seeing here if you’re new to ClickFunnels.

At the top, you have high-level options:

  • You can search for stuff
  • Or you can go to your ClickFunnels account
  • Build a funnel
  • See your existing funnels
  • Or your contacts that you have gathered
  • See the number of sales you made
  • You could go to the ClickFunnels marketplace to buy or sell funnels for yourself
  • The follow-up funnels is the built-in autoresponder if you would choose to use this

But you could also use other autoresponders like:

  • AWeber
  • Mailchimp 
  • ActiveCampaign

I use ActiveCampaign which will be also in these series later on. 

And the other third option in the software is the Backpack option. This is their built-in affiliate program for if you have something that you would like affiliates to sell on behalf of you then you could go there. 

Furthermore, we have the help, notifications and your account. But for now, we’ll stick to the things I would like to show you regarding productivity and making money online. How easy it is and how fast to build a funnel. 

Therefore, I won’t go into every nitty-gritty detail and I won’t go into integrations, email automation and stuff because that would take us maybe days to explain or to show. 

08:45 Adding sections, columns, rows and elements in ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

I will just stick with the ease of use, so you can see for yourself how easy it is to build a funnel from scratch and get it up and running.

Alright, so here on the left you see the funnel steps. As you can see these are pre-built, and you can swap them around if you want like this.

But in general, you should leave it as it is. If you build your own funnels you could still swap these around. And sometimes this comes in very handy indeed.

You can always add a new step from scratch as well. But in this case, I am going to go to this Breeze template. I already opened it here, and it’s good to tell you that in this ClickFunnels tutorial we have a couple of things you should know there are:

  • Sections 
  • Rows 
  • Columns 
  • Elements 

So, you see them all over here: sections, rows, columns, and elements. 

And usually, when we talk about sections we talk about green areas. A section can consist of multiple:

  • Rows
  • Columns 
  • Elements 

And these sections you can move around, and you can edit them by going to the cog icon. You can clone them and you can save them. 

This is also already a very neat USB because if you have a section that you like, you can just save it to the library and reuse it on every page of the funnel that you want!

You can also obviously delete it. If we went into a section by clicking the cog, you can change things on the right side. So, for example, the top margin I could change as you can see.

You see it moving. Or you can have a background image, you can change the background color. For example, I could change this to orange, and I could change the text color to white. 

Which is not doing anything now because the text is in a row as we will see later. Size, positioning and padding… This is all pretty standard.

When you click out of it and save it, I could preview it in a new tab and show you what it has become right now. So, now it has an orange background. But I still would like to have this in white. 

The second thing after the section which is in green, are the rows and the rows are in blue. And these I have the same options:

  • Settings
  • Cloning
  • Saving 
  • Deleting

And with the plus sign, I can add a new row. With the plus sign for the green section, I can add a new section as well, it’s very straightforward. 

If I want to change this to white I should change the settings over here. And on my right hand, I have the options to change. I can change the text color, and you can see that we have a text color white and the bold color which is still black. I will change this to white as well.

The third thing we have are the things in orange. These are the elements. If I added a new element, I can add for example credit card payments, I could add an order bump I could add a lot of stuff. 

And here you can just select the things that you want. For example, an:

  • Image
  • Video pop-up
  • Type of form of content
  • Navigation
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Countdown

And all kinds of other stuff we’ll get to that in a second. 

If I would like for example to copy this row, I would go to the blue and I would clone it. Then I would have two rows. And if I would like to put this a little bit more downwards, I would enter it and edit it like this. 

That’s how easy it is!

If I want to delete the whole row, I will delete it like this, and it will be gone. We have the green stuff which is the section, and we have the blue stuff which are the rows, and we have the orange elements that are inside our rows.

Rows and sections you can easily move around. So, for example, if I want to move it down, I have these arrows and I move it a couple of positions down if I want, and it’s at the bottom of the page. I can always undo this so in this case, I will put it back where it belongs.

14:15 Save fast and save often · ClickFunnels Tutorial

Don’t forget to save often. 

Because then you will have a restore possibility if something gets lost or something happens to your computer. Alright. So again: green for the sections, blue for the rows which we can also move up and down and orange for the elements inside the rows. 

Maybe it’s better to show it here because the other one is orange as a background. So, for example, this is an element that is in orange. I can move that around for example, to there or maybe also to here. And obviously, this doesn’t make sense, so I’ll just quickly move it back. 

If I want to edit text, I just click on it turns blue. So, if I want to change the text, I would just go into this element and would say for example: “The world’s favorite top 10 beginners yoga poses”, and you’ve got this.

And if I would like to change let’s say the color of this I would change this for example to orange, and then it would be in orange. 

15:35 ClickFunnels Preview Option · ClickFunnels Tutorial

I would save this, and I would refresh it and go to the preview page, so I can immediately see the changes that I’ve made.

So, maybe good to go here and see what this is doing. We have this video that we can show, we have the two steps one two tripwire. Once you enter your details, which I have done already in advance, we go to step two. 

You can see that you should enter your credit card number, and immediately you get this so-called order bump. Yes, I want the bonus one-time offer you are a gift to the world. 

Here you could add for example your e-book or something that would be in the range of $37 to $97. So, even if you give away your free e-book for nothing, you could still add an extra order bump to entice people and seduce them to buy this. 

Since they are already in a buying mode by entering their credit card number for your maybe seven-dollar thing or whatever you’re going to sell them.

It does work even with free products. But if you have a product or an actual physical thing you can give it away like a booklet or maybe a small gift item. That would be perfect as well. 

17:08 ClickFunnels One Time Offer · ClickFunnels Tutorial

And if I would go here, and I would go further I would end up at the One Time Offer page. But let’s go down a little so, you can see what else is on the page. 

These are all editable obviously by you as we are going to show you right now. So, for example, if I want to change this order bump, I would go in here. In this case, I would like to see step number two, and I want to add or change actually, some text. 

Yes, I want my e-book One Time Offer $37, this e-book can change your life better order it now! By clicking or checking and checking the box, something like this. This is how easy it is to just change whatever you want on these pages. 

If I save this again, I would refresh my preview page you could see that if I go to step 2. It would say now yes, I want my e-book One Time Offer this e-book can change your life order it now by checking the box. Well, the same goes for all the other pages. 

If we went back to our funnel with the first steps over here we go to the One Time Offer. It works the same, so if we would go to this page we would still have sections, rows, and elements.

In this case, people bought your initial product. Either they checked the box for the order bump or they didn’t. But now you can offer them something more. So, you have this three-step system in this case. How about adding some more? Watch the video below you won’t regret it.

If so, then you offer them something they can’t refuse. And if you want to take a look at how this will look in practice, it’s like this. 

In this case, I have muted it, but you can have these settings, however, you want them to. And we have a couple of testimonials again, and that is it.

And if they add it to their order it will be automatically processed by your payment processor. If we want to change this we can do so. For example, the video type, in this case, is a YouTube video. The autoplay is on, the controls are off, the branding is off, the block was off, and the unmute label is on. 

Which meant that you have to click on it to get it to unmute. I will turn this to no, I will have controls on, and if I save it again. You can see now that the page has been changed. We have the controls. 

And so, you can just change whatever you want. All types of videos, all types of background images it doesn’t matter there are lots and lots of options in this to be had. But my advice would be to start simple because people love simple. Don’t overcomplicate these pages. 

Just use them out of the box edit them a little, and you are good to go. So, if you go back, we have the downsell page which is pretty much the same thing as you can see. 

21:26 Reusing templates in ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

What I would like to show you, in this case, is the reuse of templates.

I already have my funnels in this system. If I have a section that I like, and I have saved it (I have a lot of saved sections) I could easily put them into another funnel. Or even into the same funnel whatever you want. 

For example, I already saved a section and I would like to add a section. I would go to my sections. E.g., these are frequently asked questions I have in my hair fiber business. 

If I clicked this here you can see it inserts all those quickly asked questions.

And I could add another section, for example, a video of myself. If I saved this, and I would go to the preview you could see now it has a different look altogether. 

It starts with the frequently asked questions, and then you have my video for the women. And sections are not the only thing you can reuse you could also reuse these rows for example.  

If I want to insert a row. I would go to the blue stuff obviously, and I would a little bit tricky over here. Because there are a lot of items, I would like to add a new row. I already saved a couple of rows, so I have my rows over here.

And I could say I would like to have some reviews and when I save it, I will have reviews on top. A little bit down and here you are. 

This is how easy it is to edit and change your pages. And it’s literally oh I think one hour is a bit exaggerated. But if you know what you’re doing, and you have already a couple of images and other items like backgrounds, testimonials and stuff collected it is very easy to set up a new funnel. 

24:02 A/B Split Testing in ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

One other thing I would like I would like to show you, so I go to my hair funnels. 

It’s very easy also to, let’s wait a second until it has been loaded, there you go, to do split testing called A/B testing, 

As you can see here this is a landing page of mine and I have two different versions. You can see the title is different. The orange stuff has been moved the text is more or less the same. But it’s a little bit different around the video. 

But the rest of the page is different in terms of layout and order. And what you can do here is you can easily create such a deviation.

So if I would go to colors, I already only have one item. This is called a control item. And I could create a variation of this item by just clicking this button if you want to copy the same one that is over here. 

You could add your changes to save it and. You can say I want 50 of traffic going to the control and 50 of traffic to the variation. 

And then if you would take a look at the stats you could choose. In my case, one of them goes to colors and one of them goes to colors spray. 

In this case, I will have this period a little bit longer, and we will see the statistics of this A/B test.

Here you go. I can see now that the page views colors and colors spray which is what this means, is not very different. We have 148 versus 137. My two different options my A, B options are not giving me conclusive results that I could rely on. 

In this case, I should run it a little bit longer and see if one will be the winner. Alright?

26:55 ClickFunnels on mobile phones · Responsive ClickFunnels · ClickFunnels Tutorial

So, another very neat feature I want to show you in this ClickFunnels tutorial is the fact that you can easily test ClickFunnels on different devices.

I will go back now to the other funnel that I would like to show you, which is the Breeze funnel. So, we go to the breeze two-step tripwire again. What I would like to show you is if we are going to edit this page, you would normally do this on your desktop. And you would see how this would look like on your desktop. 

But maybe it’s even more important to see what it looks like on the mobile. 

Therefore, I click the mobile option and I can see immediately if it’s okay on mobile as well which will save you a lot of time in testing. 

So, in this case, this might be a little big because you want the video to be more present on the home pages.

I’m just going to add the mobile font in this element and change the mobile size. I want it to be on two rows max so, this could be like this. 

Yeah, this is ideal, so I would just save this. And now you would know that on your mobile phone it would look much better. 

This would now be over three different rows or lines better. I want this to be a little bit smaller like this. And I want to have less space at the bottom like this. Just save this, and I’m good to go.

This is how ClickFunnels works in a nutshell. 

Keep in mind the very strong ClickFunnels USP’s:

  • Done-for-you templates that I showed you
  • How easy it is to change and edit your funnels
  • Reuse items to make A/B split test 
  • Check and test it on your mobile phone

I hope you like this, and I’ll see you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏

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