Microsoft Word Dictate Review and Tutorial

Microsoft Word Dictate Review and Tutorial

Microsoft Word Dictate Review and Tutorial

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If you 🚫 don't like typing let Microsoft Word Dictate do the work

The funny thing is, that maybe you think I am typing this piece of text but I’m actually using dictate myself all the time.

As I should because you must eat your own dog food, right!

Especially when writing an e-book or writing an email or whatever, this dictate-functionality is really brilliant.

We used to need special tools for this to make this work. And those were very expensive as well…

Now, just from within your Microsoft Office environment, you can push the dictate button and just ramble along.

Use Microsoft Word Dictate. Make Your Life Easier

Why did I need Microsoft Word Dictate?

  • When I was writing the accompanying e-book my typing became somewhat of a frustration
  • When switching between different languages, I noticed my typing was affected negatively
  • I discovered the new dictate button in Microsoft Word and other Office applications
  • I use dictate a lot in WhatsApp & Google Voice Search

Microsoft Word Dictate Tutorial Video

Watch my tutorial to see Microsoft Word Dictate in action. 


Microsoft Word Dictate Screenshots

Microsoft Word Dictate Screenshots 1

Dictating is possible in every Microsoft Office application. Here Microsoft Word Dictate.

Microsoft Word Dictate Screenshots 2

Dictating is possible in every Microsoft Office application. Here Microsoft PowerPoint.

Dictate Features & Benefits List

Dictate Features & Benefits Image
  • Speed

  • 29+ languages

  • Built-in punctuation marks and formatting

  • Accurate real-time word recognition and error correction

  • No installation

  • More creative , better texts

  • FREE

Olaf's Favorite Feature

You can also add punctuation, new lines, etc. All from within your good-old MS Office environment.

Microsoft Word Dictate Characteristics

Type: MS Office Feature

Pricing: Free


Microsoft Word Dictate Reviews

Microsoft Word Dictate Reviews Image 1
Microsoft Word Dictate Reviews Image 2
Microsoft Word Dictate Reviews Image 3

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Tools used to create this post

Microsoft Word Dictate Video Transcript

Do you ever come across a situation where you have to type in a lot of text?

For example, a long document in word or a long email, or maybe you are writing your own blogs and stuff for your website?

Well, in that case it can be handy to use something else than just typing. I don’t know about your typing skills but mine are not that excellent. So, when writing my e-books I discovered something else. And that’s what I want to talk to you about today.

My name is Olaf and I am your ToolFinderr. So, stay tuned!

00:37 Why did I need Microsoft Word Dictate?

Why did I need this as said? I was writing the accompanying e-book and my typing became somewhat frustrating. Because you have to redo a lot of stuff you have the typos you have to re-read it you have to do the punctuation well right etc and also I switch a lot between different languages.

So, I thought okay there must be an easier way a more productive way to do my typing. And if you have to type a lot of short text, then it might not be useful. But especially for longer text and when you want to be more creative I would recommend using Microsoft dictate instead of typing.

And I actually discovered this I think Microsoft itself sent out an email about it and you know I thought to myself let’s just try this and see how it works and it works actually great in outlook in word in PowerPoint as well. So, it saves me a lot of time.

And I thought it makes sense because I already use a lot of dictation in WhatsApp and google voice search and even text. And sometimes I use another Chrome extension for Dutch language texts because that is not available yet in Microsoft dictate. But this is why I needed this and I thought okay let’s try this speed and accuracy.

02:06 Benefits of 
Microsoft Word Dictate

Now, what are the benefits of this tool? Well, as mentioned speed is one of the most important ones I can type pretty fast but well if it’s a longer text you will be much much faster. With Microsoft dictate it will also have a real-time work recognition and error correction so even small errors uh.

Won’t be in your final text it’s really easy there’s no installation it’s free and what I have discovered is that when just talking you can be more creative. You are freer of mind so to speak so it’s easier for example for blogging to create better texts altogether. And last but not least there are 29 plus languages that you can use it for.

02:56 Use cases 
Microsoft Word Dictate

So, what are the use cases for this Microsoft dictate? Well, as mentioned especially for longer text this is a really easy tool it’s built-in so you don’t have to install anything for it and just go ahead and use it. 

So, for word documents, it’s very easy, for blogs it’s easy and for Outlook emails, especially when they’re a little bit longer I use them all the time. I can actually recommend it wholeheartedly.

And this I’m not sure if you are a physician but if you are it’s just an example obviously. The average US physician could reduce documentation time by about seven hours per week. By switching from typing to dictation. Well, obviously I think you and me are not the kinds of guys and girls that are typing all the time but still, you type more than you think.

03:46 Dictating versus typing        

So, what about the differences between dictating and typing? Well, some statistics as you can see about the speed the average rate for transcription is 33 words per minute and 19 words for composition. A professional typist types in 50 to 80 words per minute.

And using speech recognition what we are talking about here. One can easily achieve over 100 words per minute with more than 95 accuracies.

Which is actually a great improvement. So, what are the benefits:

  • it’s faster
  • it’s easier, also on your muscles
  • no RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury)
  • no keyboard or mouse use so that actually helps a lot in my case as well

And you can walk around you can do the dictation freely. You can do whatever you want and still have a good conversation with your computer. And actually, that is what comes out it’s more like a conversation. Then it is actually is the actual typing of information.

  • it gets more rounded
  • it’s freer it’s
  • its more creative
  • it’s just better

05:04 Microsoft Word Dictate demo

So, as usual, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and let’s go-to word in this case I’ll start with a blank document. And as you can see it’s already built-in here at the top. And I will set it to English to show you how this works so let’s start a blank document and let’s start dictating.

Hello, guys comma new line new line this is an example of how you can use Microsoft dictate in a word document period. New line new line as you can see it auto corrects comma it is fast and the accuracy is a brilliant exclamation mark. new line new line I can that’s an error I can recommend it to you wholeheartedly period. new line new line greetings comma new line Olaf.

So, I thought this is pretty impressive, right? I mean I  don’t know I did not see any errors let’s go back one more time to see. Hello guys this is an example.

Yes, so zero errors apart from my own let’s say hiccup.

But apart from that, it is very easy to use it is brilliant in its accuracy and speed.

So I can recommend it to you. I would say use it in all of your office applications and you will be very happy. 

Okay, see you in the next video bye.

Good luck 🍀🙏

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