How To Use Two Monitors (And Why) – Dual Monitor Setup

Dual Monito Setup Two Monitors

How To Use Two Monitors (And Why) – Dual Monitor Setup

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Why Two Monitors Will Make You MUCH MORE Productive · How To Use Two Monitors

Video Transcript From The Series One-Minute Productivity Tips · How To Use Two Monitors

Hello and good day.

Today I want to talk to you about another One-minute Productivity Tip that saves me a lot of time and, as I found out, it can save you a lot of time as well.

It’s about the use of two different monitors and what this can do for your productivity.

In this case, it’s a very simple hardware solution that can increase productivity by at least 42%, according to some studies.

And another study even suggested it will add 56 days of productivity (!) for the average employee.

Well, that sounds like a miracle, but today I’m going to show to you that it is actually very easy and will make a big difference.

As a bonus, I will show you how to do a split screen on Windows 10, so you can imitate having two screens. 

Of course, this will work much less than a real dual monitor setup 🤗

Buy A Second Monitor! 42% More Productive Instantly

How To Use Dual Monitors · And How To Do Split Screen On Windows 10

Watch my tutorial to see this tip in action:  · How To Use Two Monitors


How Do I Display Different Things On Two Monitors · How To Use Two Monitors

We are in my office today. It’s very sunny, it’s a nice day and this is my home office, so to speak. And as you can see now, I will turn around, and you can see over there, my setup and I use 2 x 23-inch screens.

I used to have actually one laptop of 12 inch and I needed this to go on the road. Then, when I got to the office, I hooked it up to one 21-inch monitor.

But at the beginning, I used only this one big monitor and I saw a colleague of mine using his laptop with this one big monitor. That increased my productivity already by I don’t know how much…

After starting for myself, I switched from using this laptop to using a big desktop computer and attaching two big monitors to it, as you can see over there.

So, today, I’m going to show you what this can do for your productivity. But I’m also going to show you a couple of nice shortcuts that you can use for switching your applications from one screen to another and back.

I’m going to sit-down behind my desk and I will show you. So, here we are. I will show you my desktop now, and I will change this from just recording my head, to also recording my screen in just a second.

Benefits of using two screens. Two studies and their results... · How To Use Two Monitors


So now we are looking at my desktop screen number one.

And as you can see in this study, they found in the study of over a thousand end-users, that the average productivity increase was 42% when you use two screens instead of one.

· How To Use Two Monitors

56 Extra Workdays Per Employee Per Year (?!) · How To Use Two Monitors

Now we take a look at a study commissioned by Dell.

We see here that they found that moving from one 17-inch screen to dual 19-inch displays translates to a whopping 56 extra workdays per employee per year (!).

2 Screens productivity · How To Use Two Monitors

Well, that sounds like massive, and I can concur that it is, in fact, a huge difference if you have two big screens instead of one screen.

But some people still work on one small laptop. Can you imagine what that does for productivity?

Some other tips when working with two monitors, is how to switch apps from one screen to another.

So, obviously, you can use your mouse, but it’s much easier to switch screens from left to right with your keyboard.

In this case, you are seeing my screen number one, but if I want to switch to number two, I will use:

Windows Key + Shift + Arrow Left or Arrow Right. 


How To Move A Window To Your Second Monitor · Move An App To Your Other Screen

How To Switch An App Or Window To Your Other Screen · How To Use Two Monitors

Windows Key + Shift + Arrow Right (or Arrow Left)

So, I’m now clicking on my right screen and I switched it to the left, and if you do it the other way around, I can switch it back to the right.

If I click on my left screen and I do the same, then this will be switched to the right. You can’t see it, obviously, but still, and I will switch it back without using the mouse.

So again, use Windows shift and the arrows to the left or to the right to swap your applications from the left to the right or the other way around.

On the Mac, however, it doesn’t seem to be this easy. You need some third-party software like Rectangle (FREE software). I will leave the link to this page in this article for you.

Or you can create your own keyboard shortcut to move the windows. And I also saw this link: create a keyboard shortcut for moving a window to another. So, I will leave all those in the comments or below the article.

How To Do Split Screen On Windows 10

Other things we can do if we have only one big screen, for example, you could say I want this to move to the left and this one to the right, and so you still can have two screens, so to speak. But then again, it’s not ideal.

You should, in my opinion, buy just two large screens, at least 19 inch, but preferably 22. I have 23 over here, times two, but sometimes at the office you don’t have the space. So maybe 19 inch at least would be sufficient.

But in the Windows environment and for the Mac you have to look this up, just Google it, and you will find it.

You can use all kinds of keyboard shortcuts for this. So if I want to make this whole again, I use Windows up, Windows left, Windows right, Windows down.

And if I use, as I told you before, the Windows Shift, then I will move it to the other screen. You can’t see it here, but believe me that it works.

Obviously, you can still use your mouse, but if you have just one big screen, you can easily put one to the left and one to the right by using the Windows left and right keys.

So to summarize, if you want to swap windows or applications from one monitor to the other, use Windows, shift and the arrows.

If you only have one monitor, you can still act as if you have two 😉

Then, if you want to put, as you are seeing right now, an application to the left half of the screen, then use Windows left. And to the right, Windows right.

Snap Windows · How To Do Split Screen On Windows 10 · Combine Two Apps On 1 Screen

Snap Windows How To Do Split Screen On Windows 10 · How To Use Two Monitors

Windows Key + Arrow Right (or Arrow Left)

As for the Mac, I will leave some links below, so you can see for yourself which one you would need.

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