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How To Target Facebook Ads

How to Target Facebook Ads · ConnectExplore

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ConnectExplore Facebook Ads Optimization Tool · How to target Facebook Ads Explained

Maybe you know from experience how hard it is to get Facebook Ads running profitably, consistently. Sure, we all had a streak where conversions were great, and clicks were cheap. But then something happened, right?

With ConnectExplore however you get long-lasting profitable FB Ads. 

And all that in a fraction of the time you normally spend in that dreadful Facebook Ads Manager interface.

Make your Facebook Ads profitable fun fast targeted again 😍

Why did I need ConnectExplore?

Well, of course, everybody wants to run profitable ads on Facebook and Google. And as I mentioned before on Facebook I had some successes in the beginning.

But after a while, they got worse and worse.

My Facebook Ads were not profitable consistently, so I had to change something. 

Apart from that, I hate working in the Facebook Ads manager. 

So my question was: How to target Facebook Ads profitable again?

Although they’ve been trying over the years to simplify it and make it easier, it’s still quite horrible to understand and operate. And especially when you’re new to it, you can easily be overwhelmed.

Disadvantages Facebook Ads Manager:

  • Lack of overview
  • It’s slow 
  • Not intuitive
  • It’s a pain to find the right audiences 
  • Layering is very difficult 
  • It’s time-consuming

ConnectExplore · Tutorial Video · How to target Facebook Ads

Watch my tutorial to see ConnectExplore in action. 

ConnectExplore Screenshots

Easily create your target audience.

With ConnectExplore you have far more interest groups to target than through Facebook itself.

The power of layering Facebook audiences.

ConnectExplore Features & Benefits List

Dictate Features & Benefits Image
  • Uncovers interests your competition will never find

  • Built in layering hyper targets the hottest fans in any niche

  • Save time by effortlessly adding new untapped interests to your ad sets via the built-in integration

  • Useful analytics

  • Get your Facebook Ads profitable again

  • Add 0’s to your bottom line

Olaf's Favorite Feature

This tool finds the exact niches you need by “layering”. Example: your target group needs to be interested in fitness AND Arnold Schwarzenegger AND online shopping.

Characteristics ConnectExplore · How to target Facebook Ads

Type: Facebook Ad Tool

Pricing: Paid

Free Trial: Yes (30 days)


ConnectExplore Reviews

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How to target Facebook Ads · ConnectExplore Video Transcript


If you are into Facebook Ads you probably know the following.

You’re running some ads they’re doing fine and all of a sudden, they start to deteriorate.

In the beginning, you are making nice profits, so you are scaling up. At some point, you can see that your cost per acquisition will go up and your conversion rates will go down. I struggled with this for a couple of years.

Then I saw this is some kind of pattern that is going on. And then I thought okay what is going to make my Facebook Ads profitable again? How to target Facebook Ads?

If you break down your Facebook Ads, what is the most important determining factor that guarantees results or not?

In my case, I first thought that it had to do with my:

  • Copy 
  • Text 
  • Offer
  • Lines 

And then I went on and: 

  • Changed the images 
  • The video
  • The media in general
  • Change the landing page 

All of that does matter obviously, but it isn’t nearly as important as the one major thing. 

And that one major thing is what I’m going to talk to you about today.

My name is Olaf and I am your ToolFinderr.

01:16 How to target Facebook Ads and why I needed a solution

The tool that I’m going to talk to you about today is called ConnectExplore.

Why did I need this in the first place?

Well, of course, everybody wants to run profitable ads on Facebook and Google. And as I mentioned before on Facebook I had some successes in the beginning. But after a while, they got worse and worse.

They were not profitable consistently, so I had to change something. Apart from that, I hate working in the Facebook Ads manager. Although they’ve been trying over the years to simplify it and to do stuff to it that would make it easier. 

It still is quite horrible to understand. And especially when you’re new to it, you can easily be overwhelmed by the lack of overview.

  • It’s slow 
  • Not intuitive
  • It’s a pain to find the right audiences 
  • Layering is very difficult 

Layering is something I’m going to discuss briefly, so stay tuned. 

And the Facebook Ads manager takes a lot of time to master as well.

02:22 What is layering Facebook Ads?

Talking about the most important factor that will determine success for your Facebook Ads… this is called layering. And what it is the hyper-targeting of your audience.

Let’s say you are in the business of, in my case, hair fibers. For men or women that are suffering from hair loss, bald spots, or stuff like that. And you would target this to people that will have curly blonde long luscious hair…

Well, that wouldn’t work now, would it? 

What you would try to do is to target people that are suffering from these problems. And in the beginning, I just had this demographic target group. 

I would just say okay I would target women between the age of 25 until 55 who live in the Netherlands and that’s it. 

Same goes for the men that I went after, and I just said okay men between 25 and 55 who live in the Netherlands. And I saw some successes. 

But pretty soon it started to deteriorate until they weren’t profitable anymore. Then I thought to myself…

I have to find a better way to target these people. And that’s when I ran into ConnectExplore

How does this hyper-targeting work exactly? 

Well, normally in Facebook Ads you can have an interest that you target. And in my case, for example, one interest would be hair loss. So, I could target people that are into hair loss. But then it would still be very broad.

It could be people that liked a post about the hair loss of somebody else sometimes. Or they have somebody working in the hair loss industry in their direct circles. It’s still not telling something about them that they are interested in products to mask their hair loss.

I could add another interest in this case: Alopecia. For example, women who suffer from Alopecia would have this as an interest. And we already have two interests that would give us this area to target. 

So, they’re interested in hair loss, but they’re also interested in Alopecia. To make this even better you could also come up with another interest that is in hair care. They’re not only suffering from hair loss they have the condition of Alopecia or are interested in this topic. 

Which would indicate that they have something to do with it. And they are looking for products online. Or offline but anyway they are looking for hair care products. 

So, if you would combine these three interests then this area would be as they call it here: the magic overlap. 

With ConnectExplore you could easily target just this part. And obviously, this is where the people are that are interested in what I have to offer. And you could have more different interests than these three.

But if they are only in one it’s still very broad. If they’re only in two you would still miss out. The three of them together would make this hyper-targeted area in which you can be sure that people are interested in the products that I am selling.

06:04 Benefits of ConnectExplore · How to target Facebook Ads

What are the benefits of ConnectExplore? 

You will uncover interests your competition will never find. It’s not only because it’s easier to use. But also because due to the API connection with Facebook, ConnectExplore will find many more interests than Facebook itself!

Facebook will only give you let’s say 20 but ConnectExplore will give you all the rest that is in their database, but they won’t show you online. The built-in layering hyper targets the hottest fans as I just explained. 

And you can save a lot of time finding untapped interests, and it will always suggest other interests as well.

It will get your ads profitable again that’s the main reason behind ConnectExplore in the first place.

It will add zeros to your bottom line. 

So, if you have Facebook campaigns that were profitable but not anymore, you should give ConnectExplore a chance. 

Because this will pimp things up, and you can really get those Facebook Ads profitable again.

Look at these testimonials: 

“Normally it takes us multiple hours of research to find those laser-targeted interests in a new niche. ConnectExplore automates it for us, saving us hours of time!”

“We use ConnectExplore on a new Shopify store in a new niche we’ve never entered before. So far, we’ve made USD 9,633 pure profit on just one item!”

“This new store has now over 20 items, making 8,000 dollars a day. And it all started with ConnectExplore. Fully recommended using it!”

Well, I agree wholeheartedly with this because the same goes for me. 

They weren’t profitable anymore, I put them into ConnectExplore, ran them again, and they were profitable again.

07:56 Use cases ConnectExplore · How to target Facebook Ads

What are the use cases for ConnectExplore? 

Well, every market niche as long as you are advertising on Facebook. You could have:

  • E-commerce shop
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify 
  • Sales funnel 

Whatever and you can pick your winning campaigns in every niche. So, it works in three different steps

  • Discovery of interest 
  • Filters the best interest and 
  • Target them

And if you have found this area it’s super easy to transfer this audience that you created in ConnectExplore. It will automatically be transferred to your Facebook Ads account. You can target that audience with one simple click.

08:42 ConnectExplore Reviews

What about the tool itself? 

If you look at the reviews they’re all raving. Of course, it’s not a tool that thousands of people will use because this is a specialized nitty-gritty nerdy tool. 

But if you are into Facebook Ads and you want to make them profitable again, give this a chance. 

This Michael is saying:

“Could not get my ads profitable back again until I dove into my audience search once again, which helped me to get my fresh ROAS I am seeing now”

And ROAS means a return on ad spend if you did not know that. Then here:

“Will make more money with my Facebook Advertising while simplifying the process”

Well, that’s also a very important point. Because it will save you hours and hours if you are working within ConnectExplore, compared to working within the Facebook Ads manager.

And the main point:

“Hands down this is amazing and will add multiple zeros to our bottom line this year”

is what Nick is saying. 

09:39 ConnectExplore Benefits

How does this work? 

Well, obviously as usual the proof of the pudding is in the eating. 

Let’s go to the tool itself. Here we are in the tool itself called ConnectExplore, and it’s part of the ConnectSuite. So, it consists of different applications, and today we’re only going to talk about ConnectExplore.

But we also have a couple of other tools for you to explore later on. For now, we’re going to ConnectExplore, and we are elaborating on our hair loss hair fibers case. And here at the left top side, you can start your audience search and the interest will show up over here. 

It’s linked to your Facebook account, so you can select the appropriate ad account directly over there. Which has a big advantage if you have selected and created your hyper-targeted audience later on. 

With one click, you can add it to your ad set as the to be targeted audience. In this case, I’m going to start with hair and hair extensions. I’m going to add wigs and Alopecia. So, if we scroll down a little we can search, and it will end up with many interests: 175 to be exact. 

If you want you can combine these words with one of those words. For example, 

  • Hair association
  • Foundation 
  • Federation
  • Wigs federation
  • University website
  • Blog

Instead of having 175 you then would end up with even more results because it would combine those terms and start searching for that. Once you have this list you can exclude things as well by filtering. For example,

  • Audience size
  • Targeting types 
  • Words

And for example, virgin for me doesn’t mean anything about what I’m going to. Sell so I leave that out same goes for highlights and the rest would be fine for now. Let’s apply the filter, and we should end up with less than 175. Even zero because I did something wrong probably…

Oh, selected 0 sorry, 164 now. And what I’m going to do now is from these 164 I’m going to select the ones that are of interest to me. 

One of them would be Alopecia, and I’m going to look for Alopecia in this list. And on the next page as well to see if we can find it.

Yes, another one. Same I’m going to do with Control-F for extensions. Or let’s do it even more easily: let’s include only extensions for now. And then you could just scroll up and add all of those in one go.

And you can see we have now 14 selected interests. I’m going down again I will do nothing with the extension, or let’s even exclude them for now because we already targeted them. And go through the list again.

Now we have 152 left. I will add hair products obviously, but that is gone now I will see that later on.

13:51 Facebook Target Audiences and Layering Facebook Ads 

What is of interest to me now?

Nothing from these no not cosplay, curly hair, no hair, and beauty yes, hair makeup yes, hair care obviously, hair conditioner may be. follicle definitely, keratin yes, because a lot of hair fibers are made from keratin. 

Hair products yes, hair serum as well, and just scroll to human hair growth I saw over there. 

It’s very important, of course. Lace wig as well. And then go to page number two. And let’s see what we have. Management of hair loss important. Natural hair no, wigs might be of interest. All right so now we have 27 selected ones.

What ConnectExplore can do for you. 

Even suggest some more. So, I could tell it to give me the suggestions that it made. To see if there are even more interests that could be for my target audience. Beauty will be hair clips, hair from the hair follicle, hair products, serum keratin, lace wig, online shopping. I will add online shopping as well because I sell my products online so, that could help. And scalp, and wig.

Now, we have these 35 results. I’m going to save it as a project, and we’ll call it just air fibers save. And now by having these 35 I can manage this project and have those interests divided over different layers.

As you can see some of them were duplicates. We ended up with 30 interests in total. And you see them over here in layer number one. But what I want to do is to layer them across three different layers as we have seen in the presentation.

I’m going to add layer two and layer three. And then tell ConnectExplore to divide them. Over those three layers, and you can do this randomly. Based on audience size or targeting type I just recommend doing this randomly. And then you will see it will save them across all three of those layers.

I will save it and overwrite the existing project. Now we have this hyper-targeted audience in a matter of seconds. And we can apply it to an ad set on Facebook. If I were going to do a Facebook Ads or if I already have a Facebook Ads concerning these fibers. 

I could apply it to the ad set with one go. So, it has been saved I’m going to edit it and apply it to an ad account. For example, IMPERIO, and I could select a campaign and just apply it to the appropriate ad set and appropriate location.

17:58 This is how Facebook Audience Layering works 

It’s very easy you just do the audience search first. 

If you are happy with the results. You manage your project, and you add some layers and divide the interest over the layers that you have selected. And then you end up with a hyper-targeted audience to target your Facebook Ads to. 

In this case, I have managed to get my Facebook Ads profitable again, and I hope you will do too. 

I will see you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏

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