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Hide WP Toolbar WordPress Plugin · WordPress Hide Admin Bar

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What can Hide WP Toolbar for WordPress do for you?

In some cases when you are working on WordPress websites you want the frontend to show just like your visitors see it.

But you also want to be able to go to the backend to edit a page or a post. That’s why WordPress has the admin toolbar in place that shows above every post or page.

But what if e.g. you have a top menu and the admin toolbar is blocking the view?

Then you just install this plugin, and you are home free.

Easily hide or show the front-end admin toolbar with one click.

The plugin adds a special button to the right side of the WordPress Admin Toolbar that only displays when you are outside the admin area of WordPress on the front-end.

Clicking it will make the admin bar slide off the page to the top-left corner, leaving only the hide/show button visible. Clicking the button again will restore the Toolbar to its original position.

That’s all there is to it.

What is Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin?

Hide WP Toolbar is a small WordPress Plugin that will give you the option to hide or unhide the WordPress admin toolbar.

Show or Hide The Admin Toolbar With 1 Click!

Why did I need Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin?

  • My top menus of my sneaker websites were covered by the admin toolbar
  • I still wanted to have my admin bar in sight for editing purposes
  • I wanted to see the site as my visitors would see it

Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin Tutorial Video

Watch my tutorial to see Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin in action. 

Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress PluginScreenshots

Hide WP Toolbar 

Show WP Toolbar

Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin Features & Benefits

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  • None - WYSIWYG

  • Ease of use

  • Set and forget

  • See it as your visitors

  • FREE


Olaf's Favorite Feature

None in particular. There are no special features. It just works. Install and activate.

Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin Characteristics

Type: Show or Hide WP Toolbar

Pricing: Free


Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin Reviews

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Hide WP Toolbar · WordPress Plugin Video Transcript


If you have a WordPress website with top menus, then this could be handy for you.

I admit this is a very nitty-gritty plugin that some of you don’t need or actually most of you won’t need, but if you do, this could be a lifesaver.

What it does is actually already visible on this home screen here, the left top side.

You can see the button that opens up the admin bar and when it has opened up at the right-hand side, at the top, you will see another arrow to the left where you can close your admin bar.

So, this will be closed, and you can open it up, this will be open, and you can close it to go to this state again. So, that is what it does and how it works.

00:46 Why did I need Hide WP Toolbar?

So, why did I need this?

Well, I told you before about my sneaker websites, and they have top menus.

So for example, the brand, and the model, and the colors are at the top, and all the time they were covered by the WordPress admin toolbar which was annoying because then, I either had to do some incognito tabs to see what my visitors would see, or I would have to disable the toolbar for me as a user.

But both situations were not ideal at all, so I still wanted to have the admin bar inside for editing purposes.

But sometimes when I’m looking at the front end of my website, I would not want to see the admin bar over my top bar menus.

So, that was the reason that I started to search for something like this.

01:33 What is Hide WP Toolbar?

Hide WP toolbar is a very small WordPress plugin and the only thing it does is, it will give you the option to hide or unhide the WordPress admin toolbar, easy as that.

01:44 Hide WP Toolbar Features · WordPress Hide Admin Bar

So, what are the features?

Well, actually there are no features – what you see is what you get.

It does. It just works.

Furthermore, it does what it says, and it just hides or unhides the admin toolbar, as we shall see shortly.

00:46 Benefits WP Hide Toolbar · WordPress Hide Admin Bar

There are some interesting benefits, though.

The ease of use because you don’t have to go back and forth between hiding or showing or going to incognito Chrome tabs to see it.

You can set it and forget it because when it’s active, it will be always active, and you can see your site as your visitors would see it from the front end without the admin bar.

It is free and it saves you time.

02:21 Hide WP Toolbar Reviews

What about the ratings?

Well, we can see some proof here. 5-star rating from everybody.

As I said, it’s not for all of you, some of you will benefit from it, but the majority probably won’t need this but if you do, this could be a real find.

02:35 Hide WP Toolbar Tutorial · WordPress Hide Admin Bar

So let’s see how this works in practice and go to the website of my sneakers.

Well, here you see what I mean.

This is the website, and we have some top menus that we can’t see because the admin bar is over them. So, when the WP Hide is active, then you get this arrow over here and I can open and close my admin bar.

So in this case now, I can actually see all these dropdowns and when I want to edit it, for example, I can just open it up and do some stuff with my admin toolbar.

Well, that is all there is to it and I hope you like this, and I will see you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏
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