Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Chrome

Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader

Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Chrome

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Tired of manually downloading images? Fatkun is the tool for you!

This is a huge timesaver. 

Maybe you recognize this? You need images from a particular website. The problem is: you don’t need just one, you need multiple or all of them!

With this, you can easily decide which images you want and which not.

But you can also manually select or deselect what images to download. And even drag around the images you fancy.

Bulk download images in one click with Fatkun

What is Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader for Chrome?

Fatkun is a Chrome extension for batch image downloading that works on one tab or even more tabs at the same time.

With one click, you can download all your filtered or selected images into the folder of your choice.

Why did I need this Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader?

For my sneaker comparison website, at first I needed to download heaps of sneaker images.

And for my blog articles I needed accompanying images and featured images.

For my e-commerce website (Shopify) I don’t work with automated imports, so I needed to bulk download images

Fatkun Batch Image Downloader Calculator

Calculate your time saved or the extra money you could make with the calculator below.

If you need some guidance, please watch my tutorial further on this page for an explanation and demonstration.

Or if you just want to know the number of hours you could save, set the Fee or rate per hour to 1.

Obviously, then it should read Hours saved per month instead of Extra money per month and the outcome is in hours instead of USD.

How many images do you download per month
The time you need in total for searching the webpage, filtering images for e.g. the minimum size, download, and store in the correct folder
Enter the average fee that you charge your customers. Otherwise, enter your internal rate or estimated worth per hour.
Extra money per month 

Multiply this by 12 to find your savings per year!

Bulk Image Downloader Fatkun Tutorial Video

Watch my tutorial to see Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader in action. 

Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Screenshots

Easy filtering and selecting images to download

Advanced sorting and filtering with Fatkun Batch Image Downloader for Chrome

Batch Image Downloader Fatkun Chrome Features & Benefits

Bulk Features & Benefits Image
  • Very easy to use

  • Lots of clever options

  • Huge time saver

    ⭐ no more manual downloading
    ⭐ easy filtering by resolution
    ⭐ downloads multiple tabs

  • FREE!

Olaf's Favorite Feature

The option to set the minimum width or height that an image must have to be downloaded. When looking for high-quality images that saves a lot of time.

Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Characteristics

Type: Google Chrome Extension

Pricing: Free


Reviews Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader

Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Reviews Image 1
Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Reviews Image 2

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Tools used to create this post

Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader Chrome Video Transcript


If you ever needed to download more than one image from a web page, then you know that this can take a bit of time. 

Especially when you want high-resolution images or something. 

Sometimes it can be really handy to have a Chrome extension or another tool to help you filter, sort and download all the images you want from a webpage in just one go. 

Well, luckily for you, such a tool exists. And today I’m going to talk you through this tool. 

My name is Olaf and I am your ToolFinderr.

Today I’m going to talk to you about the Chrome extension that is called Fatkun. 

00:46 Why did I need Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader?

First of all, why did I need this tool?

Well, as you maybe know…  I told you before I have a sneaker comparison website or actually, a couple of those. 

And at first, when I did not have the automatic import functionality, I needed to download heaps of sneaker images every day. 

Even after doing all these things automatically, I still needed good high-resolution images for blog articles, so my writers could write their blogs. 

I would just mail them the assignment and the accompanying images in one go. 

The third reason is Shopify. That doesn’t work or at least I don’t work with automatic imports. You need also a lot of images alongside your listings. 

When you add a listing let’s say you have a new product.

Then you need to:

  • Need a couple of images
  • Rip those images off some other web pages to accompany your text

Those were the three reasons I needed a tool like Fatkun.

01:59 What is Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader?

What is Fatkun? Is it a Chrome extension?

I will show you later what it looks like and how it works. 

But in short: you can download all the images from a web page on one tab in Chrome. Or even all the tabs at once if you want. And this can save you a lot of time. 

With one click, you can download all the images that you like. The images that you like you can determine by filtering or selecting images. 

After that, you can even say: okay, I want to filter let’s say, all the images that are more than 800 pixels wide and have the term sneaker in their title. 

After that, I want to download them in a specific folder which is awesome.

02:44 Features Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader

What are the features of Fatkun?

Well, as said you can 

  • Filter 
  • Sort 
  • Select  
  • Drag 

It can also convert WebP which is a new format. Especially the bigger companies like Nike they all use the WebP images to convert it to JPG or PNG, which is also very nice. 

You can output your downloads into a specified folder. 

And there’s an option to right-click on an image whenever you are on a web page. You want to use Fatkun. Just right-click and select Fatkun and it will run. You can have the feature enabled where it removes duplicates. 

And you can’t mess it up at all. Here you see some of those settings as I just said. 

Actually, it’s set and forget. Because after doing this once I never touched this again. 

Because the settings are already as I want them. But if you want you can change the stuff inside here.

03:53 Benefits Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader

What are the benefits?

It’s a huge time saver. 

Especially, when you download many images. And of course, I understand that not everybody does this. But if you are in this field, and you need to download lots of images, this can save you a lot of time. 

Furthermore, it’s very easy to use. 

There are many clever options. As we just saw to filter and sort. And in general, a huge time saver. 

Finally, of course, it’s free. 

Simply add it to your Chrome browser. Free is always nice.  

04:30 Fatkun Reviews

Let’s take a look at the reviews. There are not a lot of starred reviews, I just took this one. 

But as you can see it has been reviewed by over 300,000 users with 2,473 reviews and a 4.3 stars average rating.

We can just say that this is a very good and solid Chrome extension that has been around for a long time.

04:58 Time saved or extra money earned

If you are in the habit of downloading a lot of images we can calculate for you how much time this would save you.

Or how much money you would save by actually using Fatkun. Or how much more money you could make by freeing up this time and spend this on projects for your clients.

Let’s go to the calculator!

Here we are, and I have the default set to this, which is per month by the way. 

This is how much money you can make extra per month. Or how much money you can save per month. And let’s see if we have like 20 images per month, which would be five per week. 

This is very low obviously, and we set the time per image to two minutes to 

  • Download it 
  • Store it 
  • Filter it 
  • Search it

and a client fee or a rate per hour of 60 dollars. 

Then we would end up saving 20 dollars every month, which translates into 240 every year. 

You might say well two minutes for downloading is really a lot. It’s too much this cannot be true!!

But consider the following actions you would have to do:

  • Search the web page for all the images
  • Check somehow how big they are
  • Filter them for the minimum size you require
  • Download the images
  • Store them in the correct folder

If you take this all into account you easily end up at two minutes at least per image saved.

But okay if you want you can drop this down to one minute. And maybe you have an internal fee of 30. Still, you would save 60 dollars every year. 

What if we set the default at 2, and you are a guy or girl who has 100 images that he or she downloads every month. 100 per week so 400 every month. 

Then it gets interesting. 

Because if you put this up to 60 dollars because you work for clients for example it could save you 400 dollars every month. 

Or you could earn more money by using this tool because it frees up your time to spend on other projects.

This is how this works. But let’s just assume my case. It was something like 50, this was 120 and this would be I think one and a half. In those days I downloaded a lot of images.

For me, this would save me 75 dollars every month and that for a free Chrome extension!

Very nice and easy money. And you don’t come by this type of money every day it’s just a free lunch.

This is how the calculator works.

08:11 Overview of Fatkun Bulk Image Downloader

Obviously, as usual we should go to the pudding itself to see how the tool works.

Let me show you for example if we would go to sneaker news which is an affiliate website by the way. 

It has lots of nice images of sneakers as you can see. I like this model by the way this Nike Air Force “Ugly Sweater”. 

And if you fire up Fatkun by pressing this button or by right-clicking this Fatkun it would end up like this. 

First, this is the width and this is the height. These are in Dutch because I’m in Holland. In your case, this would be width and height. 

What you can do is easily change this width into a minimum of let’s say 800. Height I don’t care, but the width is critical for my blog and my website. 

After this, I can just remodel them, and use IrfanView for example to bulk resize them to the correct sizes. 

And if you want you can sort it by the biggest first. As you can see these two are then falling off because those are not the correct ones.

But I can even narrow it down more. Because I know these images have the term air force in them, I just type in force. 

And as you can see now all the images are what I like them to be. I would click on it and I would say download you can easily download all images. 

Fatkun will download all the images as you can see here below into my folder. In my case, I’ve just set it to the standard folder and here they are. 

All right so this is how this works. 

Here you can see those are the 1,140 by 1,140 pixels sneakers. These are just downloaded: 1140 by 800, 1,140 by 1,140 etc. This is how that works in short.

I hope you liked this video and I see you again soon.

Good luck 🍀🙏

Olaf the ToolFinderr

Olaf the ToolFinderr
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