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What can IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer do for you?

This is also a MASSIVE time saver, especially when you use the bulk function.

This means you can edit multiple images at once. E.g. crop, resize, flip, rotate, adjust, etc.

It’s not modern nor intuitive, but it’s mega-powerful. Everything you need doing with images, IrfanView can do FOR FREE!

We work with web shops that need lots of image processing…

So, it’s safe to say after years of experience:

Whatever you want: IrfanView can do!

Change images in bulk: Massive Timesaver

Why did I need IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer?

Image editing for my sneaker website. I used to change every image separately.

After getting to know IrfanView I used the bulk editing option to:

  • Auto-crop
  • Resize
  • Canvas resize
  • Add a watermark

it took me 3 minutes per photo on average before. 1 minute in total afterwards!

And I still use it to e.g. edit the featured images for WordPress blog posts.

Like this one!

IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer Savings Calculator

Calculate your time saved or the extra money you could make with the calculator below.

If you need some guidance, please watch my tutorial further on this page for an explanation and demonstration.

Or if you just want to know the number of hours you could save, set the Fee or rate per hour to 1.

Obviously, then it should read Hours saved per week instead of Extra money per week and the outcome is in hours instead of USD. 

How many images do you edit per week that need the same editing
The time you need to edit 1 image on average. Three minutes is a good default.
Enter the average fee that you charge your customers. Otherwise, enter your internal rate or estimated worth per hour.
Extra money per week* 

Multiply this by 40 for your savings or extra money per year!

* = Of course, bulk editing in IrfanView also takes a little time.
But since you only define the settings once and then run the process this is only minutes work. 

Tutorial Video IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer

Watch my tutorial to see IrfanView in action. 

Bulk Image Resizer Screenshots IrfanView

Image Editing Options IrfanView. 

Bulk Image Editing Options. Save these as your preset and you’re good to go. Open with File -> Batch Conversion or Keyboard shortcut “B”.

IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer Features & Benefits List

Dictate Features & Benefits Image
  • Can do a lot of what paid tools can do

  • Powerful

  • Bulk editing

  • Fast (small program)

  • FREE

Olaf's Favorite Feature

Processing images in bulk. Store once what you would like to do to your images. After that, you fire the batch editor.
BANG: all done in seconds!

IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer Characteristics

Type: Image Editing Software

Pricing: Free


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Tools used to create this post

IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer Video Transcript


If you have a website or a web shop, and you use a lot of images on it, then you will know how much time it takes to edit images. 

And if you are talking about only one image, you talk about two, three minutes per image. But if you have a lot of those as I did, then you start to really appreciate a tool that can do bulk editing.

For example, do multiple images at one go – resizing, cropping, flipping, etc.

So today I’m going to talk about IrfanView, which is a very versatile but free image editing tool.

My name is Olaf, and I’m your ToolFinderr.

00:44 So why did I need IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer?

Why did I need Bulk Image Resizing in the first place?

As said, I have this web shop for sneakers, and now I do all those things automatically. But in the beginning, I used to upload a lot of images manually. 

So, I grabbed some images from other websites, edited those images, and uploaded them onto my website.

In the beginning, I was looking for tools that could do this faster and more efficiently. As a productivity guy I needed options for cropping, resizing, resizing the canvas which is the total dimension, and maybe add a watermark as well.

For example, when you are posting on Facebook or Instagram, you would like to have your own brand in it, and it took me like three minutes on average to modify each image. And if you talk about one or two, okay you can do this, but I was talking about 500 a day, so I needed a solution.

But apart from the web shop and the images going on to that website, I also have multiple WordPress blogs. 

For that as well, you need a tool that can modify your images, make them pretty, crop them into the nice dimension that you want, but also can compress them as small as possible without losing quality which is obviously good for SEO reasons.

02:14 Benefits of IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer

So, what are the benefits of this Batch Image Editor?

  • Can do a lot of what paid tools can do
  • Powerful
  • Fast, because it’s a small program
  • FREE

02:33 IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer Reviews

And what are people saying about IrfanView Image Editor?

You can see here ratings of 4.5, 4.2, 4.5, so on average, pretty excellent, I would say.

Granted, it’s not the most intuitive tool. It’s very well, nitty-gritty. 

I mean, you really have to do a lot of image editing, and you have to do a bit of a study to understand what you can do with it. But once you grasp the idea IrfanView is very powerful indeed.

03:13 Time saved or extra money earned

As usual, we are going to see how much time or money we can save or earn extra if we use this tool.

In this specific case, I assume that you have a lot of images, and before we go into the tool itself, it’s like it has three variables

The images that you would like to bulk edit per week, the time that you spend per image, and the fee that you could charge your client or that you would calculate for yourself as an internal rate. 

This gives us a total per week and multiplied by 40 workweeks in a year, you would find your savings per year, right?

So, I know a lot of people wouldn’t use the bulk image feature, but even without using the bulk editor, it’s really a powerful image editing tool in itself.

If you have to edit only a couple of images per week, still give IrfanView a chance. 

Because it’s very easy. It’s lightweight, and it’s free, so just try it out for yourself.

So, here we are at the calculator, and as you can see, we have the three variables – the bulk editing images per week, the time you would spend per image to edit it, and the client fee that you can charge your clients with. 

In my case, it was something like 100, no kidding, and I would calculate 30 dollars for myself, so I would save like 150 dollars per week of time multiplied by 40, would be 6,000 dollars per year 😮

But let’s take a more normal number of images. 

Let’s assume you would have like 10 images that you would like to edit per week, and this editing is then of course with the same settings. And you would normally use up about three minutes per image. 

Which is maybe even on the low side because you have to look it up, you have to crop it, you have to flip it, you have to do all kinds of stuff to it. Then you have to save it again to the right place, etc. and let’s assume that you are self-employed, so you can charge 60 dollars to your clients.

In that case, you would save 30 bucks per week, easy money, 1,200 dollars a year I would say. But let’s play with this, and let’s say you have like 50 a week because you have a web shop.

Or you’re into e-commerce in some way and two minutes you spend on average, and you also calculate 30 dollars for yourself. You still would save fifty dollars per week which is very interesting, right?

06:27 Advantages of IrfanView Bulk Image Resizer

So if we go back here, as usual the proof of the pudding is in the eating. Let’s go to IrfanView.

Here I am, I have opened up a folder with 10 images in it. As you can see they all have different dimensions, and what I would like to do is to edit all those images to fit into the 1,200 by 800 category. 

I have found out that this is an excellent ratio, 1,200 by 800. At least for sneakers it’s ideal, but also for the featured image on WordPress, this is great. 

If I open it up, and as you can see I already have IrfanView attached to the JPG files as standard, as default. So, whenever I click, it will open up in IrfanView immediately and this is what it looks like, and you have all kinds of options with this singular image.

You can do all kinds of stuff with it. You can remove things, you can crop, you can have overlays, you can have watermarks, you can flip them horizontally or vertically, do all kinds of color stuff with it.

But today I am not going to go into detail about this, but I’m just going to show you the bulk editing feature because in my case, we are talking about productivity secrets.

And the big productivity gain in this case is with the bulk feature. To enter the bulk or to go into the bulk editing mode, you have to press B which I’m going to do.

Then you end up in this screen. And these are the 10 sneaker images. What I could do is for example, I show you with one first. I will keep them in the same folder, so I’m not going to go into detail about this if you don’t mind.

If you are interested in using IrfanView and using the bulk editor, then you just go into IrfanView, press B and you end up over here. You have to adjust your settings however you want them. 

So in this case, the settings are under “Advanced”, and here and this might look a little bit scary at first. But here is where you can save your settings to be applied to all your images. 

I want to resize it to 1,200 by 800 pixels. And I want to preserve the aspect ratio, so I want to preserve this ratio between the length and the height.

Also, I need to auto-crop borders, which means that if there is white around it, it will be cropped and the canvas should end up being 1,200 by 800, and if it is larger than the image itself, it will fill up the space with white. 

That’s actually what it’s going to do over here, and it will overwrite existing files and delete the original files off, but these are all settings you can choose.

As you can see, you can adjust colors, you can flip it horizontally or vertically, you can rotate it and once you’re happy with your settings, you can save your settings and the next time you can just well, load them whenever you need them. 

For example, I have many different settings as you can see here. I have ones with watermark, without watermark, with in German, in Dutch, for Facebook, so a thousand by a thousand – different settings.

These are for covering your whole desktop, so there are a lot of options but in this case, I’m just going to go for the regular one. But the point is, you should take one image and apply all these settings to it whenever you’re happy. 

You remember your settings, and you save it. Depending on all the options you tick, it could be necessary to change the order, so in this case it auto-crops first, then it resizes, and then it changes the canvas size, and in that way, it will end up as 1,200 by 800 pixels.

If you did it in another order, that wouldn’t be the case. So if I would say for example, resize first to 1,200 by 800, then enlarge the canvas size to 1,200 by 800 and fill it up with white background, and then auto-crop, then at the end, it would also crop, and it would still end up being smaller probably than 1,200 by 800 because there would be white around it. 

You can move up or down the order in which you want these images to be processed, which is great because I figured out over the last couple of years that if it doesn’t do what you want, it must have to do with the change order, with the order in general.

Okay, let’s see what happens. I have this one over here, you can see I selected just this one, and I would start the batch. And you can see it now if you open it again. You can see it has been applied, so it’s now 1,200 by 800 right? It wasn’t bigger, and now it’s perfect 1,200 by 800 and the rest is white, that’s why you might say well, it doesn’t look like 1,200 by 800 but that has to do with the canvas.

So let’s go into IrfanView again. Go to bulk editing. I would now select all of these files and drag them into the area and now start the batch, and now you can see they all have been changed to 1,200 by 800, but they still look as they should. 

Sometimes a little white has been added to the side, sometimes it has been added to the top, sometimes you don’t see it at all because it just fits perfectly like in this case and in this way, in a matter of seconds, I edited all those sneakers to be 1,200 by 800 pixels.

This is how it works, IrfanView in a nutshell. Obviously as I said, I will open up it up once again. There are a lot of options you can do with it but in this case, I was just worried about the bulk feature over here. 

Again, if you are in the bulk feature, you do the batch conversion, you can also batch rename, but I just keep batch conversion. You can change your options here regarding the quality, so you can also lower the file size if you need your website to be lighting fast. 

It might be a good idea to well, change this into 50kb or whatever, but bear in mind that you still have to check with the first ones to see what the quality will be. 

And you can also change this to another type, and here the advanced options are where you can set all your different modifications that you want to be done to your images.

Well, I hope you liked this, and I’ll see you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏

Olaf the ToolFinderr

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