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Accurate audio and video transcription? 💬 AmberScript will save your day! ❤

This tool is what all bloggers and vloggers should be using to get much more traffic.

You can use other audio and video transcription tools out there, but AmberScript will give you up to 100% accuracy.

It is fast, easy to use and will save you lots of time.

With AmberScript you get up to 100% accuracy fast

What is AmberScript Audio Transcription & Video Transcription?

In the online business, you come across many times when you have video or audio but want that to be translated into text.


  • SEO purposes
  • Make a blog out of it
  • A variety of other reasons

In the old days, that would mean a lot of typing. 

That’s when a tool like AmberScript comes in very handy. I have tried lots of tools, but my favorite is AmberScript.

Every time I use video or audio on one of my sites, I will add a transcript. It helps with SEO, dwell time, and conversions.

What did I need Audio Transcription?

To earn money online you need traffic.

And although video is a great medium, loads of people still prefer to read.

Or they are at work or in a situation where they can’t watch the video with sound at that time.

But they can read your blogs or posts in silence 🤗

Apart from that, Google still cannot read videos so to rank better you will need text as well.

AmberScript Use Cases

There are many areas where audio and video transcription can be useful:

  • Adding captions and subtitles
  • Transcribing video, audio, podcasts or dictation
  • For multiple industries like
    • Education
    • Government
    • Business
    • Media & Broadcasting
    • Research
    • Call centers

But also for:

  • Academics
  • Journalists 
  • Professionals in media, law, healthcare, or publishing
In short, there are two main reasons why people would use audio and video transcription:

  • To improve SEO and ranking and get more traffic
  • To save a lot of time compared to transcribing manually

AmberScript Calculator · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

Calculate the extra money you could make with the calculator below.

If you need some guidance, please watch my tutorial further on this page for an explanation and demonstration.

How many minutes of video or audio do you have to transcribe per month.
The time needed to transcribe video or audio manually per minute of video/audio input. Average would be 4 times as long as the original video/audio.
Enter the average fee that you charge your customers. Otherwise, enter your internal rate or estimated worth per hour.
Extra income or saved money per month*USD 

Multiply this by 12 to find your savings per year!

* From the calculation an amount is subtracted for the costs of using AmberScript per hour of input.
You should also deduct a small amount for editing time in AmberScript wrt typo’s, terminology etc.

Audio And Video Transcription Amberscript 2

AmberScript Tutorial Video · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

Watch my tutorial to see AmberScript in action. 

AmberScript Screenshots

Upload any audio or video file in your AmberScript Dashboard

AmberScript in action

AmberScript Features & Benefits · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

Undraw Mobile Testing Reah Removebg Preview
  • Different experience, listening versus reading

  • Wider audience

  • Social Media sharing

  • 33+ languages

  • Very fast and 90%+ accurate

  • 100% accurate if you choose human revisions

  • Can distinguish multiple speakers

  • Cheap compared to manual transcribing

Olaf's Favorite Feature

You can set the speed to e.g. 0.5 and then correct any misspellings on the go. Not that there are many to begin with!
Plus it will learn from your corrections. Wow!

AmberScript Characteristics

Type: Audio And Video Transcription Software

Pricing: Paid


AmberScript Reviews · Audio And Video Transcription

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Frequently Asked Questions

Software tools are always in continuous development. This means that it’s likely that the tool that I’m showing in the tutorial and/or in the screenshots will be different today. The information itself will just be as valid though.

If you need support with one of the tools, please go to the support page of the tool itself. Follow the buttons on this page to go to the tool and search for their support. Every tool has a frequently asked questions section and/or a support department where you can create a ticket. If you do email me with a support question, it just won’t get answered, sorry. Otherwise I could never be productive and wouldn’t be able to provide value anymore 🙄 

If your question can’t be found in these faq’s and you feel that it would really benefit you and other readers to be answered, please send me an email 📧

Tools used to create this post

AmberScript Video Transcript · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription


Earlier we talked about video and video editing software. And especially why a video is so important in your marketing plans. 

I mean, of all the media, video is the hottest at the moment. It’s the most engaging and the best converting, so you really need video. 

But apart from the video you still would need text!

Why is that? That is what I’m going to explain to you in this video.

Hi, my name is Olaf, and I am your ToolFinderr.

00:32 Why did I need Audio and Video Transcription?

Why did I need AmberScript audio and video transcription software in the first place?

Well, as you know I’m an online marketer and I earn my money online. And to do so, I also need a lot of SEO and blogs for my affiliate marketing purposes and my sales funnels.

Whenever I make a blog, I would try to turn this into a video or to put videos in it as well. And one time I was doing a 100-day challenge with ClickFunnels, a sales funnel software system. 

And every week I would write about my adventures in the past week. I was just typing in and doing my blog and stuff like this. It would cost me like three to four hours at least every week which is pretty darn long. 

01:21 How I found AmberScript · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

And then, one time I thought okay, maybe I can just do this easier and more efficiently when I’m just doing a video about my week, and then I just upload this video into my WordPress website. 

So, I did this and actually, it turned out pretty good.

But as an SEO guy, I also know that Google cannot view videos at least, it cannot translate it yet into text. So, it doesn’t know what it should do with it and how it should rank it. 

For that, you could enter meta tags, alt text, and stuff like this. But in any case, it’s better to also have the total video contents transcribed into text.

And of course, as a productivity guy, I’m not going to type this myself, so I went on a hunt online and I found this AmberScript tool that can do this for you. 

So, here you can see one of my videos and below every video, you can see here, “For the transcript, see below”. 

I grabbed this video, I uploaded it to AmberScript, edited the text, and then I put it back onto my blog. 

Bob’s your uncle! 

02:42 Benefits of AmberScript Audio and Video Transcription 

What are the benefits of AmberScript?

Well, apart from the SEO benefits that I just talked about, it’s a different experience. Some people like to read, some people like to listen. 

You just get a broader, wider audience. And a wider audience means more visitors, which means, more cash for you in the end.

It’s also easier to share it online with social media and the likes if you have text around it. Because otherwise you just have to invent it yourself before you can post it.

There are a lot of languages in it at the moment, 33 to be exact. 

It’s very fast and accurate. There is an artificial intelligence engine in it and if you use one of the languages that they can actually transcribe it’s pretty accurate indeed.

But if you’re not satisfied with 90%, you can also go for the more expensive human revision option. This means you get 100% accuracy but obviously, you pay a little more. But then it’s completely out of your hands, no worries and effort on your side whatsoever.

It can distinguish multiple speakers which can be handy if you’re doing podcasts or interviews or stuff like this.

Last but not least it’s very cheap compared to manual transcribing which would take hours.

04:06 Use cases · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

  • Captions, subtitles
  • Video, audio, podcasts, dictation
  • Multiple industries
  • Education
  • Government
  • Business
  • Media & Broadcasting
  • Research
  • Call centers
  • Academics, journalists. Professionals in media, law, healthcare, or publishing
  • Especially for longer texts
  • Word documents
  • Blogs

It can transcribe, audio, video, dictations, podcasts, everything that has audio in it. And you can use it for creating subtitles or captions, and in multiple industries.

So, if you’re in education or government or well all the ones that are listed here you could benefit from this. Or if you are in a profession where you use a lot of dictation, or you dictate a lot as a journalist, you could also really benefit from using AmberScript. 

Normally, it would take you like hours to transcribe something. In fact, they use a factor of 4 in this industry to establish the multiplication factor that it would take to do something manual versus automatic.

So, automatic would take like say one minute and manual, it would take four minutes, so it’s a factor of 4 effectively.

But also if you’re a professional in media, law or healthcare this could help a lot. For example, we already saw this with Microsoft Dictate: the average U.S. physician could reduce documentation time by about seven hours per week by switching from typing to dictation. 

And, if they have these dictated items, these WAV files or audio files, and they still want to have this in a report or something they should be better off just uploading it into AmberScript and getting it back as perfectly written text.

05:47 AmberScript Reviews · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

Let’s see what people are saying about it. 

The reviews are excellent 4.4 and 4.4, there, 4.9 and even 100%.

5 stars here, and here you can see there are a lot of well-renowned companies that are using AmberScript for their transcribing. 

06:15 Time saved with AmberScript Audio and Video Transcription

Earlier I said, it would save you a lot of money or time, or you could earn much more money by using AmberScript.

Why is that? 

Well, let’s go to the calculator, and I’ll show you. 

So, here, we have the calculator and there are a couple of assumptions. 

We have three variables you have your video or audio per month in minutes, over here.

We have this multiplication factor compared to automatic. So, this would normally be four times as long. 

And you have your client fee, in English this means you charge your client for example 60 dollars per hour. 

By using AmberScript you can earn more money because you have more time on your hands to charge clients for other work that you do for them.

But if you are not in the business of self-employment, or you work for a boss or something else, it’s still very useful because it can save you a lot of time.

In that case, you should use this as an internal rate per hour so that might be a little lower.

07:35 Sample Calculation AmberScript · Audio Transcription · Video Transcription

Let’s assume you do one hour of transcribing audio-video per month. We leave this at 4 because it’s the default. And your client fee would be, let’s say 100 dollars, then this would save you 385 dollars every month

So, times 12 that would be like four and a half thousand dollars!!

Well, this is of course a lot but even if you have 30 minutes of video or audio to be transcribed, you put this to 3 to take into account the fact that you still have to do a little bit of editing in AmberScript to get it perfect, and you put this at 60, then still you would end up at 82 dollars per month.

So, of course, AmberScript also would cost a little money per month to use, and that’s why we can put this down to 3 as well. But 12 x 80 is still almost a thousand dollars per year. 

All right, and you can see, “From the calculation, an amount is subtracted for the costs of using AmberScript per hour of input.”

We already have accounted for the fact that you are using AmberScript and you are paying for the transcription itself. 

But you can play with these a little bit to see what the difference is. For example, 45 minutes per month and the normal factor of 4 and 100 dollars would almost be 290 dollars per month.

09:26 Advantages of AmberScript Audio and Video Transcription

Maybe it’s time to go to the presentation again and just take a bite of the pudding, so let’s go to AmberScript.

So, I already uploaded a video of Robbie Williams using hair fibers, I’m in the hair fiber industry, so this is a topic that is dear to my heart. And I’ve uploaded this because otherwise, it would take a little time. 

But I can show you that I just got this notification, so I just uploaded this. 

And this is really nice because if you have like one hour of media you upload it to AmberScript, and then you can do something else, and you get this email notification once your upload is ready. 

Let’s go to the AmberScript dashboard. 

10:19 AmberScript Tutorial · AmberScript Demo

And what you see here is a couple of things. 

From the top here you can export it and when you’re ready, you can play the video, you can rewind it, every five seconds. You can rename your video, and you can request a perfect transcript, which is the human revision. 

Here you see when it’s created that is the date of today, start time the length, the speed. 

So if you are editing in it, and it goes a little bit too fast, you just put this down to well 0.6 for example. You can replace stuff, undo, redo, highlight it for editing purposes and that’s gone. 

Just show something else these are all the shortcuts that you can use but okay, for now, let’s leave it at this.

Let’s play.

Well, as you can tell there are some flaws in it or some misspellings or typos. So if you want to change this you just go back to the beginning and let’s edit it. This is not good, “going to be…”, and then she says, “By the way”, actually his wife, “nice”.

Let’s go there and go again.

So, he says “the right color”.

And he says “it’s a powder, but it’s going to be hair”. 

Okay, So let’s go from here. 

Well, that’s it actually, this is how it works. 

You just upload your video file or your audio file into AmberScript. It will do the transcription for you automatically, you just edit this a little, and then you can export it as text as subtitles or as video. 

Well, I hope you liked this, and I will see you in the next video.


Good luck 🍀🙏
Olaf the ToolFinderr

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