OneDrive Backup Tutorial · How To Use OneDrive

Onedrive Backup

OneDrive Backup Tutorial · How To Use OneDrive

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OneDrive Backup: why do you need it?

If you are like me, chances are you don’t back up often enough. Am I right?

And if you do make a backup, the process is very time-consuming and a hassle to get it right. It will take you at least 1 hour every week or so to get the right files and documents backed up.

That’s why since a couple of years now I do not ever back up again! And I don’t have to save anything again, either. How nice!

I just use my 1 TB (!) free OneDrive Backup storage that came with my Microsoft 365 subscription. I never knew that I was entitled to this, but hey. Never too old to learn, right?

And even without subscription, you still get 5 GB for free.

Save all your precious work automatically!

What is OneDrive Backup

By backing up to OneDrive, you also automatically get Internet access to these files from anywhere.

And even if you lose your PC, your files are always safe!

OneDrive Backup Calculator

Calculate your time saved or the extra money you could make with the calculator below.

If you need some guidance, please watch my tutorial further on this page for an explanation and demonstration.

Or if you just want to know the number of hours you could save, set the Fee or rate per hour to 1.

Obviously, then it should read Hours saved per month instead of Extra money per month and the outcome is in hours instead of USD.

How many times per month do you back up your files.
The time you need (in minutes) to back up or sync your files. In my experience, 30 minutes would be minimum.
Enter the average fee that you charge your customers. Otherwise, enter your internal rate or estimated worth per hour.
Extra money per monthUSD 

Multiply this by 12 for your savings or extra money per year!

OneDrive Backup Tutorial Video

Watch my tutorial to see OneDrive Backup in action. 


OneDrive Backup Screenshots

OneDrive Backup Overview. Easy setup.

OneDrive Backup. Yes, it works!

OneDrive Backup Features & Benefits List

Features ToolFinderr
  • Free up till 1 TB storage with Microsoft 365 account

  • Works seamlessly with Office

  • Also for Teams and SharePoint

  • Accessible from everywhere

  • Easy setup: set and forget

  • Always on

  • Secure

  • Files on demand

  • PC and Mac

Olaf's Favorite Feature

OneDrive is free up till 1 TB storage with your Microsoft 365 account!

OneDrive Backup Characteristics

Type: Microsoft Office Add-on

Pricing: Free


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OneDrive Video Transcript · How To Use OneDrive


How many times do you have to make a backup or did you at any time in your life forgot to make a backup and then everything crashed?

I think everybody knows how much time and frustration and energy it would cost to get your whole system back together and that you wish you did make your backups or had made your backups in time.

My name is Olaf and today I’m going to show you how you can use OneDrive Backup so you never have to think of making backups ever again.

00:46 Why Did I Need OneDrive Backup?

So, why did I need this?

Well, as you might know, I have many websites and a lot of programs and a lot of stuff on it.

Not only websites, but of course all kinds of documents for me, for others, for clients, for I don’t know what, but everybody has of course many files on their system.

And I used a tool, GoodSync, that was actually pretty nice, but okay to once every week save all my files to an external hard drive. 

But still, I had to tweak this system once in a while and every two weeks I had to go to the tool, put it on and sometimes fix some errors or other problems.

And even one time I got into trouble because my fixed hard drive was only 120 gigs and it didn’t fit, so I had to do all kinds of stuff to make it work.

Anyhow, every two weeks I would spend the better part of maybe half an hour to get these backups right.

My girlfriend is also working on the NAS, the Network Attached Storage System, so she needed backups as well and all together as I said maybe 30 minutes every two weeks I was busy getting my backups in place.

It was kind of a hassle as just explained: hook up the external drive, start the GoodSync program, analyze the differences, then just doing the backups. Which by the way made it virtually impossible to do other stuff at the same time because the system is very busy transferring all this data. 

02:35 OneDrive Online Access

And another problem about not having OneDrive at that time is that I did not have access to my files online. So, if I needed something on the go, I needed to download it somewhere local or put it on one of my websites which also costs a lot of time and is not very user-friendly at all.

And at the same time, it didn’t give me a really good safe and secure feeling because sometimes I forgot to do the backups, or we were on a vacation or well…

Safe to say that sometimes it was like six weeks ago and everybody says to him or herself all right, I’m going to make this back up now I’m going to do it. But just a couple of months ago the sister of my girlfriend, her laptop crashed and everything was gone.

Well, since I’m in the business of online marketing, affiliate marketing, making money online and stuff like that, that’s something I cannot afford

If I’m not online, I’m losing money, so I needed to have this relaxed feeling that my backups are all my files are always backed up.

So, that’s why I started using OneDrive in the first place and here, you see my version it’s in Dutch but it’s the same everywhere so you just can see my all my current files and folders are in there and it’s all taken care of so that gives me a good and relaxed feeling.

Whatever I’m doing office things, file stuff, everything will be backed up.

04:25 Benefits of OneDrive Backup

What are the benefits of OneDrive?

Well, first of all it’s free.

At least, I didn’t know this until I started to dig into it and I just saw, to my surprise, that you get a free 1 terabyte storage with your Microsoft 365 account. 

And since we have a paid account, which cost us like 100 dollars per year, and we can have like five devices hooked up to it, I actually don’t pay anything for the storage so that was the first nice surprise.

It works seamlessly together with Office, obviously because it’s a Microsoft product. 

So, if you use Office and you use OneDrive together, you can switch to AutoSave which means that your programs and your files will always be safe in the cloud and always be backed up till the last minute.

05:26 OneDrive With Teams And SharePoint Backup

It’s also for Microsoft Teams and SharePoint. Accessible from everywhere. Easy to set up, it’s just like maybe 15 minutes and you’re done.

It’s always on as long as you’re connected to the internet, of course. Then your backups are always there and will always work. So, every last change or edit you did to your files will be online well, online real time actually.

It’s very secure, you get your files on demand if you want it on the road or wherever and It’s for PC and Mac.

What do you get? You get Remote Access, you can collaborate with people on the same files as well, mobile access, a basic level of security and all kinds of file types.

So, when I figured out it was actually free, it took me as said maybe 15 minutes to store all my files locally in the right documents file.

And from that moment on I was always backed up. That was a big surprise for me and in the past I wasn’t always the biggest fan of Microsoft but I have to say over the last, maybe five yeah five to ten years, I think they improved a lot.

06:49 OneDrive Backup Reviews

So, what are people saying about it?

Well, as you can see it gets high ratings everywhere, people like it.

It’s easy to use, it’s not complicated. It works but for me, the biggest plus is I don’t have to think about ever backing up again and I don’t have to worry about losing my files or something on my system.

07:13 Time saved or Extra money earned: OneDrive Backup Calculator

So, if we would go to the calculator and say, okay how many hours would we save or how much extra money could we make if we use this automatic backup feature?

Well, it depends obviously on a couple of variables.

The first one being how many backups per month do you make?

Well, the default I put at four because I think most people will make a backup every week or at least they should but I think also it’s a pretty standard time frame.

The second is, how many minutes does it take for you to make that backup?

Well, in my case it’s 30 minutes every week or in my case every two weeks actually but it could depend.

I don’t know what kind of backup system you use or if you do it just manually by dragging and dropping files or well, no idea.

But just figure out for yourself what your time would be.

And the third variable to calculate, how much money we would have saved is by entering the client fee or your internal rate in dollars. So, if you can use the time that you save for doing work for customers and clients then obviously, you could put these hours to good use and make some extra money.

On the other hand, if you just save time it would also mean a lot of money in terms of you can do something else with your time, you can spend more time with family and friends or you could impress your boss or you could work on your long-term goals.

08:53 OneDrive ROI Calculator

So, let’s go to the URL where I have this calculator. There it is.

Here we have our variables and this is default.

So, if I put this to 4 per month, 30 minutes per backup session and 60 dollars client fee or internal rate per hour that you would charge or could gain.

Then my extra income or saved money per month would be a staggering 120 dollars actually. Multiply this by 40 workweeks would make 4800 dollars per year saved. Just by using OneDrive instead of backing up manually.

If you did like two per month so bi-weekly and you would still take 30 minutes but your client fee would be just, let’s say 30 you still would save thirty dollars per month by using OneDrive.

It’s still being 1200 dollars a year…

But even, moreover, if you would for example take this to 100 dollars that you could charge clients for and you are maybe even 40 minutes busy per backup session, you would end up already at 267 dollars you could earn extra per month.

Well, it’s not bad, is it? By just installing OneDrive Backup and having it up and running in 15 minutes and in 15 minutes you could save nearly 300 dollars per month and if you would go to 120 dollars it would even be 320 per month so this is a really big number.

But even as said with smaller numbers and default variables, we would already save 120 dollars every month over and over again from this moment on.

11:23 Demo OneDrive Tutorial · How To Use OneDrive

So, how does it work?

I mean the proof of the pudding is in the eating, obviously, so I want to show you a couple of things.

First of all, we will go to the PowerPoint I just showed you.

And if you look at it, you will see that this is ON, so I have the AutoSave on.

You could switch it off but in general, if you put your files into the right area on your file system, everything will be backed up automatically.

In my case, I can show you over here, this is where all my files are. As you can see, this is my OneDrive. These are my documents and what I did to make this work was actually very easy.

I just swapped or dragged actually all my existing files that I wanted to be backed up, I dragged them to this OneDrive documents area.

And by doing so, it will automatically be backed up and you don’t have to worry about anything again.

And you have a couple of settings but if you use the default, you’ll be okay and everything in here will be as you can see, by the clouds or the checkboxes will be automatically backed up. So, that’s one. 

12:58 Microsoft Office AutoSave · How To Use OneDrive

The other point is, like I said, you have to switch this AutoSave on and normally, you can do this here within the options and you have the save area.

So, you can use here the checkbox AutoSave OneDrive and SharePoint online files by default and that’s actually it.

I mean more there is not to it. Just check this, make sure it’s on and you’re good to go.

Well, there are some more settings in OneDrive, but I won’t bother you with them for the moment because it’s not relevant for now.

But this is actually how OneDrive works on my system and I said in 15 minutes time you could save yourself thousands of dollars per year because you never have to worry about backing up again and you can spend all the time saved on client projects or your own long-term projects for example.

So, I hope you liked this and I will see you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏
Olaf the ToolFinderr

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