How To Screenshot On Mac PC Windows · Lightshot Screenshot Review and Tutorial

How To Screenshot On Mac PC Windows · Lightshot Screenshot Review and Tutorial

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If you like ⚡️ Lightning Fast Screenshots then Lightshot Screenshot is for you

Lightshot Screenshot is another one of those tiny little applications that I use a lot!

This particular one I use at least twice every day.

If you are working online, sooner or later you will need a screenshot or two. Enter Lightshot that lets you do all kinds of handy things with your screenshots.

Of course, there are many screenshot apps out there. But this has been my personal favorite for years now. Available for Windows 10 and Mac.

Lightshot is very useful and lightweight. It's take a second 🕐 to use

Why we need Lightshot Screenshot

  • Software development
    • Screenshots with texts and comments
    • Share to the cloud (not permitted to copy paste directly)
  • Copy pasting images
    • Sneakers
  • Issues with tools
    • Screenshots for clarification
    • Showing exactly what you see is a lot faster and more accurate than trying to describe it with words
    • Support systems that do not allow copy paste

Lightshot Screenshot Tutorial Video · How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows

Watch my tutorial to see Ditto Clipboard Manager in action. 

Lightshot Screenshot Screenshots · How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows

Lightshot Time Saver Example. Take your screenshot, edit it and upload it to the cloud with one click.

Lightshot edit options. E.g. upload to the cloud, share on socials, print, save and enrich with texts, arrows etc.

Lightshot Screenshot Features

Undraw Mobile Testing Reah Removebg Preview
  • Edit screenshot immediately after it's taken

  • Share screenshots via FB, Twitter, etc.

  • Screenshot history

  • Copy a screenshot to clipboard

  • Save screenshots to PC or in the cloud

  • Use keyboard shortcuts

  • Print directly from the screenshot

Lightshot Screenshot Benefits

Undraw Personal Finance Tqcd Removebg Preview
  • Works with your regular Print Screen

  • Change area after you’ve selected it

  • Share on Social Media or via a link

  • Editing

    comments, arrows, lines, boxes,

  • Direct printing or saving

  • Much faster than saving it to your computer

  • For PC and Mac

Olaf's Favorite Feature

Make a print screen, edit it with arrows, comments, etc. and upload it to the cloud. Share the link wherever you want. Super handy for support, developers, FAQs...

Lightshot Screenshot Characteristics

Type: Windows or Mac Add-on

Pricing: Free


Lightshot Screenshot Reviews

Lightshot Screenshot Review and Tutorial
Lightshot Screenshot Review and Tutorial
Lightshot Screenshot Review and Tutorial

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Lightshot Screenshot Video Transcript · How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows


How many times per day are you taking screenshots?

In my case, it’s quite a lot I think on average I would take 10 per day and not just for copying and pasting into a presentation or an email.

But also because you want to explain something to support or a help desk. Maybe you also would like to add some text to it or arrows or stuff to well make it more clear what you are talking about. Or let them see what you are seeing if something goes wrong you would like to show them okay this is what I’m seeing this is the part that goes wrong.

Maybe you also would like to add some text to it or arrows or stuff to well make it clearer what you are talking about.

My name is Olaf and today I’m going to guide you through this tool called Lightshot which is a very easy lightweight tool for windows and mac. And as they say themselves is the fastest way to take customizable screenshots.

00:51 Why did I need this? How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows

So, why did I need this? Well, once I was in software development. Not as a developer myself, but at that time I was leading a group of developers and for a customer that I was responsible for, I went to Chile.

And at that time we needed to do a demonstration in a couple of days’ time but there were a lot of things well wrong with the software at that moment. And with wrong I don’t mean basically wrong but just let’s say look and feel and interface and stuff like that.

So, what I needed at that time was not only some tool you could use to make a print screen. But a tool that you could write on and that you could draw in, so you could easily pinpoint the areas that needed to be fixed.

Also, I needed something that I could use to share the print screen to the cloud. As some help desk or some other tools or some let’s say anti-virus systems as well. Do not allow you to copy and paste images directly.

So, if so, you need something that you can upload it to and that you can download it from. That would be very easy if that would be the case with the tool that I was looking for.

In general, I was copy and pasting images a lot in my past with regards to the sneaker website as well. And if you have some issues with tools or other programs on your laptop or desktop that are not working as they should, you need screenshots for clarification. 

And if you use those screenshots it would be nice if you could amend them and then add text to them etc.

02:48 Benefits of this tool · How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows

So, what are the benefits of Lightshot?

Well, Lightshot works with your regular print screen you just install it. It’s a very lightweight application and when you do and you click print screen then it’s on already. 

I mean if I do print screen right now you can see what I mean.

What is very convenient is that you can change the area after you’ve selected it. There is also a Windows 10 default print screen application. But after you selected your text or your screen or the part of the screen that you want, with that it’s not possible to change it anymore. You have to re-select it.

In Lightshot you can change this area after you selected it. I’ll show you it’s like this but I want to have it a little bit wider and do it like that. You can share the link on social media.

Or you could just copy the link to paste it in an email or put it on some website or whatever you want. So, I could also demonstrate this directly by doing the share. And then you can share it Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or Pinterest in one go.

Editing is very convenient and with Lightshot you can edit your print screen easily.

04:28 Edit a screenshot · How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows

So, if I would select it again and I would say okay well this part boxes is not correct.

I could:

  • draw a rectangle around it
  • highlight it and
  • say it should be Boxes with a capital for example

And if I want I could use some other colors to highlight what I’m talking about. I could also reformat things with a pen. And I have some lines, so I could say okay social media. I said if I want this to be purple or our default color I could use it like this as well.

If I want, I could go for the direct printing option. And I could copy it like this or save it as an image on my computer as well. I will change this back to red now since I use that the most. And I will escape for now.

This works much faster than saving it to your computer and edit it in PowerPoint or with paint or whatever you are using. You can just do it on the fly on the go with Lightshot.

Just print screen and do whatever you want. And CTRL-A would just select the whole screen as you can see now.

And since I’m working on two screens it is both screens at one go. But as said I can also just change what I have even like this. 

So, you can always select just what you need. And if I copy it and I would paste it in the presentation then I could do this. Of course, now I’m in presentation mode so that doesn’t work but let me go back and show you this is what I just copied. And since Lightshot is for PC and Mac everybody can use it.

07:10 Use cases · How To Screenshot on Mac PC Windows

What are the use cases? As said, it is very convenient for software development. If you want to explain what you’re seeing or what you’re missing or what your requested features are, it’s really easy to edit the image and just write on it and describe what you would like to see.

Also, for developing websites or sales funnels this can be very handy. Just explain what is happening and what you want. Support issues as said presentations emails etc. 

And my tip would be… I have two tips actually my first tip is. I earlier explained the Ditto copy and paste tool right?

So if you use Lightshot with Ditto you can copy your images, give them a name in detail and you can re-use them anytime you like.

Because they are just in the system, I use data all the time as you can see here is the image that I just copied. So, those two works fantastically together. 

And another tip would be if you use a WordPress website there is this plugin called The Paste. And with that you can directly copy and paste images into your WordPress system without having to download them first giving them a name and uploading them again.

So, with the light shot tool you just say all right I need this I want this part I copy it with the copy button and I just paste it into WordPress directly it’s a huge time saver.

08:57 Lightshot Reviews

So, what are people saying well Lightshot gets a lot of raving reviews because well. 


  • really easy
  • lightweight
  • fast

But to me, the main reasons and the main benefits are that you can edit it on the fly. You can change the size on the fly. And moreover, it has this and I haven’t shown you this yet it has the option to upload it to the cloud.

09:30 Advantages of this tool

So, let’s see how that works on the next slide. I almost showed you all the features already. So, what I just want to add now is I’m going to print my screen. I select the area that I want to upload and I upload it to the cloud and it’s already uploaded directly at this time.

And now I will go to the site and as you can see here it is directly in the cloud. So, this link can be sent to a support department a help desk or a friend or colleague or whatever.

If you for example are short in disk space or you just don’t want to clutter your computer you can use this. But also, a lot of tools or support systems don’t allow you to paste images directly into the system. So, for that you could use this option. 

So just to recap what you can do with it. You:

  • can edit stuff
  • could enter some text
  • could directly print it if you like

Just to have it fit on one page it’s very easy for well sometimes for tickets and stuff so upload to the cloud share it to social networks. 

You can also do a reverse search on google. Print it, copy it and save it. And here of course you can do all the editing stuff and if you want to undo things that is easy as well. 

So, I hope you enjoyed this and I’ll see you in the next video. 

Good luck🍀🙏
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