How to invite people to like a Facebook Page · Invite Post Likers Review and Tutorial

How To Invite People To Like A Facebook Page

How to invite people to like a Facebook Page · Invite Post Likers Review and Tutorial

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Bulk invite people to like your Facebook Page with just one click of your mouse 🖱

Do you sometimes invite people who liked your Facebook posts to like your page manually?

What a waste of time!

Use this script to invite everyone who liked your posts to like your Facebook page.

Set and forget.

This is the best and by far the cheapest way to grow your fan base organically.

Grow your Facebook page on autopilot with Invite Post Likers

Why did I need Invite Post Likers for Facebook?

This extension will save you a lot of your precious time!

If you buy the whole suite, then you get a lot of other nice options:

  • Like and reply to all comments, and more
  • Facebook groups: send reminders, approve/decline posts/members, like/delete posts, unblock/remove members…
  • Auto-like and auto-comment on reviews, check-ins, mentions, etc
Since the whole suite still is a bargain you should consider buying that. That is if you would benefit from the extra options, of course.

Facebook Invite Post Likers Calculator · How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

Calculate your time saved or the extra money you could make with the calculator below.

Or if you just want to know the number of hours you could save, set the Fee or rate per hour to 1.

Obviously, then it should read Hours saved per week instead of Extra money per week and the outcome is in hours instead of USD. 

How many people would you like to invite manually per week?
The time you need in total for searching the post, finding the post likers, inviting and scrolling. Default per invitation is 0.5 = 30 seconds
Enter the average fee that you charge your customers. Otherwise, enter your internal rate or estimated worth per hour.
Extra money per week 

Multiply this by 40 for your savings or extra money per year!

* = With Invite Post Likers it takes a few minutes per week.
Since this is negligible, we don’t take this into account in this calculation.

Invite Facebook Post Likers Tutorial Video · How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

Watch my tutorial to see Post Likers in action.

Facebook Page Invite Post Likers Screenshots

In the tool you will find a lot of useful settings for growing your Facebook page.

Open your Facebook page and run the script. You can continue doing other work while Invite Post Likers works its magic 😍 

Invite Post Likers Features & Benefits · How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

Dictate Features & Benefits Image
  • Invites people to like your page automatically

  • Saves loads of time

  • Easy: just run in separate tab and let it work its magic

  • The tool(s) can do a lot more Facebook tricks on autopilot:

    ⭐ Reply, like and comment on shared posts or comments
    ⭐ Like and comment on reviews, check-ins, mentions, visitor posts
    ⭐ Send reminders, approve/decline posts/members etc. to Facebook groups

  • FREE, almost.. you just pay for the tool

  • FAST: from 309 to 15,107 followers in 3 months

Olaf's Favorite Feature

In general: I just set it to invite post likers and auto-like shared posts. Helped me grow a Facebook fan base to 15,134 followers in 4 months

Facebook Invite Post Likers Characteristics

Type: Facebook Fan Page Tool

Pricing: Paid


Invite Post Likers Reviews · How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

Post Likers Reviews Image 1
Post Likers Reviews Image 2
Post Likers Reviews Image 3

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Facebook Invite Post Likers Video Transcript · How to invite people to like a Facebook Page


Do you have a Facebook page? And do you want to have more followers?

Well, obviously if you know Facebook and you have a page, you would want that, right?

But do you know how to do this without spending hours and hours manually inviting people? 

Or without breaking the bank by buying ads on Facebook to gather those new followers. I mean obviously, you can buy ads to have people like your page.

But that is not what we intend to do here. So, here you see an example, of one of my Facebook pages. And I run this script with this Chrome extension. It has invited over 190 people in 22 posts. It has liked 36 shared posts in the same process. 

In this case, if you have some posts that are engaging for people, then you can run this script. And it will just invite those people to like your fan page the same as you could do manually. But that would cost you like hours.  

01:07 Why did I need Facebook Invite Post Likers?

Why did I need this?

I have this sneaker comparison website that is called SneakerWijzer in the Netherlands. I have the same in Germany and in the UK called something else. And manually inviting them will cost me and did cost me a lot of time and effort.

Obviously, as I told you before, you can buy ads to have people like your page but that would run into thousands of dollars to get those people to like your page. 

As you might know if you are going to post, and you click on the comments, you can manually invite people by clicking this button. 

But this would take you hours and hours to do. 

Because you first have to look up all the posts then you would have to look up the comments, and then you would have to invite them manually. Close it again and go to the next post. It’s a bit of a hassle. 

02:04 Benefits of Facebook Invite Post Likers

What are the benefits of this Invite Post Likers tool, which is in effect a Chrome extension?

Well, it invites people to like your page automatically for you. It does exactly what you would do manually, but then it does this via a script. 

This will save you a lot of time!

And it’s very easy: you just open your Facebook fan page. Or they call the page these days in a separate tab in Chrome and you let it works its magic without any problems.  

What can it do? It not only can invite people to like your page, but it could also:

  • Reply to it
  • Like it 
  • Comment on shared posts or comments 

You can also like and comment:

  • Reviews 
  • Check-ins
  • Mentions
  • Visitor posts

And if you are into Facebook groups you could also use it to send reminders to approve or decline posts members. So, it’s a very nifty tool that you can use. 

I started using only the invite poster liker’s function of it but in the end I bought the whole suite because I can use the other tools as well. 

It’s free to use. I mean you have to pay for the tool. But apart from that, you can run it every time you like and as much as you like. 

And for me, this meant I would go from over 300 followers to over 15,000 followers in a matter of three months. Here you can see the SneakerWijzer website with over 15,000 followers. I will show you live in a moment how much, there are now.

03:49 Facebook Invite Post Likers Reviews

What are people saying about it? 

“It’s great”

“This is very fast it works great” 

“It’s a real-time saver”


Which would be Portuguese maybe, lol. 

And here you see five stars by 6,000 people and even more than that. There are over 100,000 users of this tool. And this is a couple of weeks ago, or days ago, 15,526 followers on my Facebook page.

04:24 Advantages Facebook Invite Post Likers · How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

Let’s go to the tool itself. 

I will show you how you can run it. Here we are on one of my Facebook pages. As you can see this is the one that has 15,411 people in it as friends. And I got those mainly by using the tool that I’m going to demonstrate.

Normally, this is one of my pages that I use the tool for. And I invite friends using this Chrome extension Invite Post Liker’s. 

But because I’m using it all the time on this page and the other one, I am going to show you how it works on this other page that doesn’t use this tool regularly. 

Let’s go and see what it does. 

05:14 How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

I am going to click on it Invite Post Likers that you should run it in a separate tab. 

As you can see it’s a bit cluttered. But actually, I have this checked, so it will skip the post if after five see more buttons clicked zero people were invited. 

Because that means you have done it already and there are no new invites to be found. You can set the random pause after each invite. This is default 4 to 15 seconds it’s okay.

I checked this box Facebook Invite Post Likers to your page. To like your page is the most important one. Also, I like shared posts. And you could also comment on all shared posts with e.g. the message “Thanks for sharing”. And then some text in this case Adoptiehond.

But I’m not going to use this. And with a pause after an invite after each comment from 10 to 15 seconds, Facebook won’t flip out, and you can still run this. If I’m going to run it, I am doing this on the notifications page. 

You could also do it on the posting page. But things have moved around a little on Facebook. So, the best place to do it is on the notifications. I could run it now and let’s see what happens. 

It will start checking the posts. And if all goes well it will check posts. And see who are the people that liked this post. Or commented on this post or did something with the post. But are not yet registered as friends. 

In this case, it has checked three posts already and has not invited anyone. But now it’s going to so here you go, Peter will be invited that’s number one. And then it waits a couple of seconds then Angela will be invited. Hayley and Patricia as well. 

As you can see it will systematically run down all your posts. And invite the people who are on it that are not yet the friends on your Facebook fan page. It’s at three now, and it will continue to go through all the posts that we have in our account.

When it comes to five see more pages and haven’t invited anyone. It will skip to the next post. That is what we have added into our settings. It’s a very lightweight tool. It doesn’t break the bank because it costs nearly nothing.

Now it’s going to like a share. That’s also a good feature, so now you see shared post likes one, as you can see here. And invites 4, and it’s going to continue. It takes just post after post. It will check whoever is in this and have commented or liked your Facebook page. 

And then it will invite again. So, it’s important to run this in a separate tab as not to conflict with other tabs and make it crash. So, here you see new invites 4 in total, so it should end up at 8 after this post. I will just let this run for a while and get back to you whenever it’s finished.

Here we are back again, and I just had it run for a couple of minutes, and we are already at 25 people invited with 31 posts checked. There are over 100 posts in this account of Adoptiehond, so, we will end up at maybe 50 or over 50 or something.

But in the meantime, I thought I would end it with this. You have seen how this tool works. It’s very easy it will save you a lot of time. And if you run this regularly let’s say once a week or something your audience will grow drastically. 

Especially if you combine this with a couple of excellent engaging posts, that you would boost with Facebook ads. And you combine the tool with it. My process would be as I did like this with the sneakers example. 

So, I had this cool blog post about some Nikes. I would run this, and I saw that people were engaged with it by commenting and sharing and liking. At that moment I knew that I would boost this ad. 

And while boosting It I would run this Chrome extension Facebook Invite Post Likers and Bob’s your uncle. That’s what I should do if I were you if you want the answer to How to invite people to like a Facebook Page

And this is the end of the slideshow. See you in the next video.

Good luck 🍀🙏
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