7+ Taskbar Tweaker Review and Tutorial

7+ Taskbar Tweaker Review and Tutorial

7+ Taskbar Tweaker Review and Tutorial

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If you are a Multitasker you will ❤️ this 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Everybody who works a lot with browsers and other programs on the computer knows that you can easily lose track of what browser tabs are opened where.

That’s why they invented 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

Organize your taskbar with 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

What is 7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Well, it can do A LOT MORE, but I use it primarily for keeping my browser tab groups always in my preferred order:

  • websites that I’m working on
  • incoming orders
  • tools
  • radio

This way I always click on the right browser tab group and I don’t get lost in all the open tab sessions.

With this easy little program, I just drag and drop the right session in the right position.

No more time lost searching or clicking around!

7+ Taskbar Tweaker Tutorial Video

Watch my tutorial to see 7+ Taskbar Tweaker in action. 


7+ Taskbar Tweaker Screenshots

7 + Taskbar Tweaker Settings. My favorites: Reorder Chrome Tabs and Adjust Volume with the mouse wheel.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker Features & Benefits List

Features ToolFinderr
  • Speed in execution of tasks

  • More overview

  • Less clutter

  • Easy installation

  • Versatile

  • FREE

Olaf's Favorite Feature

The ability to reorder all the open programs on the taskbar. In particular different Chrome sessions. But changing volume by scrolling your mouse is also nice!

7+ Taskbar Tweaker Characteristics

Type: Windows or Mac Add-on

Pricing: Free


7+ Taskbar Tweaker Reviews

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7+ Taskbar Tweaker Reviews Image 2
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7+ Taskbar Tweaker Video Transcript


Did you ever wish that your taskbar could do a lot more on your Windows 10 machine? 

I mean like turning up or down your volume, switching between Chrome tabs and stuff like that.

Well, it can. Do you want to know how? Stay tuned. 

My name is Olaf and today I’m going to show you 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. 

Let me show you around.

00:23 Why did I need 7+ Taskbar Tweaker? 

Why did I need this in the first place?

Well, if you are into online marketing or affiliate marketing and in general, making money online or being more productive on your machine, then chances are that you get lost in your open Chrome tabs too. 

I usually have at least five different groups open:

  • I have my group of websites
  • my group of social media 
  • my groups of orders and fulfillment tabs 
  • tools

Among which are my calendar, the radio and other tools I use a lot. Plus a group with Google search results that you accumulate during the day. 

And another thing that I needed or wanted: I needed something to turn up or down my volume more easily. Then by going through going to the Windows volume mixer itself. Or going to the buttons on my laptop.

01:23 Benefits of 
7+ Taskbar Tweaker

I found this tool: 7+ Taskbar Tweaker.

What are the benefits of it?

Well, quite a few. It helps speed up your tasks if you use a couple of tweaks in this taskbar tweaker. For example, in my case, you will be much faster in looking up the correct Chrome Tabs.

It gives you more overview by combining and grouping things on your taskbar so it won’t get cluttered.

Furthermore, it’s:

  • installed very easily
  • versatile 
  • free

For example, if you take a look. This would be my five open Chrome tabs groups. And I am used to this order so these are:

  • my websites 
  • social media  
  • order fulfillment

If they are not in the correct order you might spend a lot of time searching for the correct tab. That you thought or know is open somewhere, but you can’t find it. 

So, that was what I looked for and what I found in 7 Plus Taskbar Tweaker.

02:34 Use cases 
7+ Taskbar Tweaker

What can you do? 

There are several ways to group programs. You can use it to, as I said earlier, to reorder your Chrome tab groups. You can assign tasks to your mouse button and wheel. And you have a lot of options as you can see in the image below.

In a minute I will show you real-life how this works. 

But for now, I can already go over it to give you an idea. You can change the way the right clicks behave when you click on the taskbar item. So, normally you get the jump list with your preferred files. Or you can use the standard window menu open close etc.

With the middle click, you can use it to open up a new program instance which is the default. You can use it to switch to another open program. Or to minimize that program or to close the program.

The dropping gives you normally a way to pin a certain file to a program. So, if I would drop a file onto my word application. Then this would be pinned to the group of favorite files. But you could also use 7 Plus Taskbar Tweaker to have it be opened with Microsoft Word. 

So, if you drop a file onto Word it will open up. Then we have many options regarding hovering.

What is going to happen if you hover over it?

Well, in this case I keep it at default. Because I wanted to see the thumbnails but you could also have the option to show you the list, a tooltip or nothing. 

04:16 Best feature
7+ Taskbar Tweaker: Reorder Chrome Sessions

This is for me the most important feature of 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. 

I can use it to drag my groups of Chrome tabs in the right order. And these are all actions: grouping and combining of taskbar items. That you can use if you have a lot of stuff open so you still have an overview of what is open.

If you like me, you want it to behave like this. And if there is space it will open up and show you what are the open application items are. And if there’s not enough space for it, then it will group it. But when you hover over it, you will still see what is open.

That is how I use it.

You can do this to combine and decombine taskbar items, and as I said before your mouse wheel can do all kinds of stuff. I use it to control volume when the mouse is over the notification area. 

I’ll show you in a moment how this works.

All this other stuff, double clicks on space and stuff you can do I don’t use. 

But still, if you want: be my guest and check it out.

05:32 7+ Task Tweaker Reviews

People are very enthusiastic about this tool because it’s:

  • lightweight
  • versatile
  • free

And it can do a lot of stuff that will save you quite a bit of time every day.

05:50 Advantages of 
7+ Taskbar Tweaker

Let’s go to the pudding again and see how this will behave in practice.

I open up 7+ Taskbar Tweaker. And as you can see these are my settings. 

This is a very important one: drag to reorder your thumbnails. And if I go over my thumbnails you can see this is my order but maybe they are not in the right order. 

So, behind all these thumbnails is a group of open Chrome tabs. For example, if I want this one to go in the third position and this one. Because I know my websites are in the first group for example.

Then I can assure that all those groups are always in the same logical order. Even if during the day you have some open tabs and you messed around a bit and they are not in the right order anymore. 

You can still easily like this swap them around. Which is very handy. 

And another thing I use is I remove the extra gap between the items. You can see when I click things change on the taskbar. So, I want to have as much space as possible to have my programs in.

I group them by application. And for combining I use just the default settings. And decombining the active group on mouse hover. This is very interesting if they are grouped and you hover over them. They will expand and you can see what it is.

07:28 Control your volume with
7 Taskbar Tweaker

Then for the mouse wheel, I use this to control volume. When the mouse is over the notification area. So, I will go now to my notification area. And you can see here that I can control the volume with my mouse. 

Just by scrolling the wheel up and down as you can see. And this is very easy because it saves me a trip to the keyboard or the volume mixer or the laptop. 

Other stuff I don’t use but I could. If I wanted, I could use this to hide as you can see here below:

  • start button 
  • desktop button

Show desktop on the right-hand side, display seconds etc. These are just in my opinion a couple of gimmicks that I don’t use. 

You can try to figure out for yourself what settings and what groupings and combine options you would like to use.

And these are just my settings that I use and I’m very happy with those. Again, the two main reasons for me. Or actually, three come to think of it.

  • the first one being dragging my Chrome tabs around
  • second the grouping of open applications and keeping them uncluttered and
  • and the third one being my mouse wheel volume control

I hope you like this and I’ll see you in the next video.

Thanks for watching!

Good luck 🍀🙏

Olaf the ToolFinderr

Olaf the ToolFinderr
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Olaf "the ToolFinderr" is a full-time internet marketer with a passion for systems and tools. His goal and drive is to help you get more structural and recurring revenue in less time. Or, if you are working for someone else, make you as productive as you will ever be. His secret ingredient: loads of TOOLS. Founded in 1970, 100% online since 2014.